Vijay Nagpal

MA LLB; HomeMaker; Chandigarh, India

Vijay Nagpal, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
Vijay Nagpal, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
IGDCS Reg No-16IG-101344,
Oct 2013-Jun 2015

The very concept of Counselling is a very unique and interesting subject ,also upcoming and relevant in the present day scenario.

This is a profession where natural talent can get you a long way. But to become an effective Counsellor you also need the benefits that come from a training. It's not an easy task to be a counsellor yet not impossible but it's very very important to have a proper training before practising because of the insight and competence that a counselling course can provide.To understand the nuances of what your clients are telling you and to help your clients make positive life choices.and to be equipped to maintain a professional relationship with client. More than helping others the Knowledge of Counselling skills can certainly contribute in a big way to maintain good human relations. And this is the exact perspective I have got after joining this course. I have learnt the true meaning of counselling only after going through it. While in the past home study programme could not compete with the regular classroom , with the advent of internet and an increase in home study quality course everything has become possible At home that one could get at a formal classroom . Most importantly , all the barriers that may keep you tAking course at a formal institute are eliminated by distance learning. I personally could have never been able to go for this learning if I was not offered this choice. It allows you to do the work at your convenience and at your own pace . While distance learning offers lot of flexibility , it does require students to be self starters with no set class times and fewer deadlines .At the same time the responsibility for your success lies more squarely on your shoulders than in traditional classrooms. Mentoring a big asset and an important support system . A MENTOR is someone who allows you to explore the potential inside yourself. At its most basic level , Mentoring helps because it guarantees mentees A back up to face any kind of challenges. The number of ways Mentoring can help are as varied as the number of people involved in a program. And I am blessed to have a very cooperative mentor .....Vasantha who helped me through many odds at times gone out of the way to facilitate me according to my convenience and I m sure must have steered others too through their rough roads . Yes joining the academy the quantum of my learning is great and my take away from it is really magnanimous . I feel equipped with the tools I will need to be an effective , responsible Counsellor and help people and touch their lives in a much better and effective way . It has helped me learn about a wide range of issues with which people can come to me , which I had not experienced ever and this has widened my capacity to think beyond a certain set of rules I knew about life. I truly appreciate and value everything I have learnt from Banjara , it has been a great opportunity for me and I just want to thank Dr Ali , Sreedhar , Vasantha and the rest of the networking team for giving me a great place of learning. Of course one or two problems I have faced , most important has been sometimes finding a particular set of people to get to talk to for completing my assignments , to a great extent it could have been because of my personal life commitments , because I am not aware how the day scholars deal with it . If they also go by them selves to contact people or the institute facilitates them to meet . secondly you have to deal all by yourself , I mean u sometimes miss a classmate to share your views whereas in class there are other people with whom you can discuss the problems . In the last I would just mention that it had been A great experience and it has certainly added a very important dimension to my life , when I had just started feeling purposelessness in self Being ,this learning has surely given me a new purpose in life , ....... a NEW BIGINING .... To a Journey Of continuous Learning and be of some use to others.

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