Shantanu Appaso Shelar

Marine Engineering / BA; Service; Kolhapur, India

Shantanu Appaso Shelar, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
Shantanu Appaso Shelar, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
IGDCS Reg No-15IG-101280,
Aug 2014-July 2015

This course is like journey/ trip to the world of counseling.

It has unfolded many ideas and fact about counseling; I came to about what is counseling is all about and what is not counseling. This course opened up many windows so that I can move ahead for understanding/developing myself as well as others. This course has shown right direction to move ahead with non ending journey of counseling. I also got that what one must be done being counselor and what must be avoided. This course makes me understand what the strength is and what limitations of counselor are. This course started with very basic of history of mankind and counseling. It took slowly modern era of counseling. In which I understood how counseling has evolve so far and how it may tuned around in future. Course has suggested many techniques and methods to cover up the changing field and better understanding of human dynamics. Course has emphasized how and why it is necessary to be a good human being and genie to become counselor. Course has how to start up counseling practice and what is to done in the process of counseling. Course has opened up wide spectrum to work upon so that one can move with his own speed and capabilities. Course has kept lots of room for improvement and knowledge in counseling by suggesting other reference. Course has created support structure of mentor and institution as well. After completion of course it feels that it has started beginning of new venture. Case studies and other assignments have given lot of understanding and confidence to deal with various kinds of people and their problem. Course provided all kind of options while dealing with clients. Course provided all basic knowledge related to counseling. It makes me understand type of counseling and its significance, stages of counseling, skill of counseling. I came to about many things which were new to me. will help me while dealing with people. I came across term like • active and passive listening, Confronting, positive stroke, • importance of body language, • past and present scenario of society and families, • important of relationship in human’ life, • Qualities of a Counselor, • various type of therapies practiced in past and their strength and limitations, • loneliness, understanding of emotion and their management • investing in people, congruence • sympathy and empathy Course has helped me to in introspect and check my own behavior and attitude, while doing few assignments. While answering to few assignments, it make to see different angle to related many issues. Final it is brought to notice that what is to be done • to bring about continuous and sustained improvement in skills as a counselor • to setup counseling practice This course has helped me to understand myself and other clearly. If I follow the instructions and information which are given during course, it will helpful to me as well as others. Course material will help to become trustworthy and genie human being which directly linked with being counselor. I hope and pray, I will have same kind of support, cooperation and guidance for all the time. Thanks for everything and everyone.

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