Shobharani S.N.

Shobharani S.N., Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) course of Banjara Academy
Shobharani S.N., Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) course of Banjara Academy of Banjara Academy
DCS Regn No-16T201,
Jun 2015-May 2016

After joining the course as the skills of counselling being taught by renowned faculty and one of the skills being nonjudgemental and I realized this skill has to be used not only in counselling but also in real life.

That joining this cource was one of my goals for the past 10 years and this inspiration originated once I heard a lecture from Mr. Ali "about how to bring up children ."That since my profession as an advocate I could not find time to pursue this cource. As I have stopped practicing my advocacy I took up this course and I enrolled to the course well much in advance. That this course has not only taught about counselling but also about self awareness human relationships and many skills that can be adopted to our life for a better living and harmonious relationships. This course in depth has taught about marriage , pre marriage preparation, husband and wife relationship , learning and bringing up children understanding children , understanding adolescents, young adults and adults , problems of old age and related topics . Apart from all these we have learnt about how to interact with people how to understand other' s problem and to deal with the emotions of others . As emotions both positive and negative emotions are the integral part of human beings understanding emotions leads to better living and to build up harmonious relationships. Apart from all these we could also know about physically and mentally challenged persons their problems , their emotions and dealing with them during the institutional visits and during internships in various institutions . This is the real eye opener for us to go much deeper about them and at the same time we are also happy to know that these physically and mentally challenged persons capacity and their abilities and also realised mainly that they can compit with normal persons at par and they cannot be considered as inferiors or incapable persons and at the same time we could also know that they do not need our sympathy which many a times we consider as a help. This was personally expressed by them by one of the guest faculty who himself is a physically challenged person . That this course has also helped to know more about human psychology and related problems . This course also has high lightened about the geometric tests that can be dealt during specially career guidance which is more scientific in nature. The guest lectures about child abuse , mediation , special child , spirituality and counselling , languages in counselling etc were really knowledgeable and we could learn lot of things about those topcs which we never had an opportunity . In day today life also this course has taught us many skills like anger management , stress management , importance of human relationship etc .That apart from all these we could learn from all the faculty members about their patience sense of involvement attitude of helping , punctuality organised simple living etc which has helped and has influenced me to follow them . The office staff also so obliging and friendly and dedicated which teaches the method and ways of maintains an organisation which gives importance to love affection harmony which helps to run the organisation smoothly and effectively. Finally I can say and be proud that I have learnt so many things about human behaviours and human relationships , which really matters in building up an harmonious society and at large the country. Upon all these factors we could get to know various friends in the entire course we had an opportunity to meet persons from all walks and professions , cultures , languages and all age groups and friendship with them and involving in group activities etc has really has brought up so many changes in life to deal with human beings . That attitude of mentors of our group their guidance and help at various stages also has made a feeling of one family members. At the end of this course one feeling of having completed the course which we are happy about but at the same time we are feeling as if we are losing our family members and moving away from them . I personally like to connect to Banjara in one or other in future ..

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