Sritharan P.

Sritharan P., Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) course of Banjara Academy
Sritharan P., Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) course of Banjara Academy of Banjara Academy
DCS Regn No-15T333,
Jun 2014-Apr 2015

Course Experience : DCS has made me to understand what we are, why we are like what we are as of now and how we are to be in the future.

I really enjoyed every moment of the sessions and each session was unique and mind blowing and some were really heart blowing. Institutional Visits : The institutional visits were an eye opener and made us realize what is the reality in the world around us and how we were ignorant of it. The visits took me to the world of less blessed children to the deceased elders ,the addicts,the ones who were penalized for none of their faults and the emotions each one had great impact on me. The confidence and the hope each one having that when the Sun rises tomorrow something good is going to happen is a great lesson what I have learnt through the institutional visits.Truly speaking the visits nurtured the already existing Human in me to a greater extent. I would like to thank all the helping hand volunteers who helped me during the Institutional visits and really admire them. Special mention must be made about Mr.Ramaswamy who even at this age renders his support to the needed especially for the cancer patients getting treated at Kidwai. Skills Developed - Personality Development - Other great things I developed through the course is Nonjudgmentalism,Being Non Judgmental and patient listening and empathy. These have helped me a lot to behave more matured and has definitely brought more peace in the mind and life. This has helped me to have a better 'Work Life Balancing'. DCS has helped me to understand me first rather than trying to know about others. The Interims : The Interim practicals gave me the opportunity to understand the emotions of people and how as counsellors we can be of use to them.I personally felt that these practicals really moulded me better and better with each counselling session. Counselling Club : The counselling club demonstrated and made me to gain a huge and a lot of experience as they were packed with the golden experiences of experts over years .Each counselling club session could have given me the learning's what I could not have gained over years.Thanks to all those who took us through the journey of counselling club. Curriculam and Course materials : The curriculum and the course materials were so well designed taking into account how the emotions are unique in nature and how the counselling for each emotion and each person is different and the importance of People Centric. The sessions by the experts threw light on the unknown areas of human behaviors.

Special mention must be made about the following sessions:

  • Dr. Ali - 1. Into the World of Emotions . 2. Understanding Diability. 3. Suicide.
  • Dr. Asha - 1. Interrelationships. 2. Marriage Counselling 3. Old age.
  • Sridhar - 1. Perceptions. 2. Unmasking.  3. Fear & Guilt.
  • Eashwar - 1. Rapport Building.
  • Dr. Bhavani - 1. Self-Esteem.
  • Usha Sindhe - 1. Death,Grief and Bereavement.
  • Vasantha - 1. Confidentiality.

The Course materials are simple and gave a total picture of the relevant topics .These course materials will go a long way in our counsellor career as guides . My admiration for Banjara keeps growing up with every counselling session ,wondering how the DCS course curriculum has been designed taking into consideration every possible emotions and how as budding counselors we have to structure the counselling process Manthan Memories : Memories of Manthan will remain Green with me. The theme for our visit was Genuine Friends and really it created genuine friendships among us unmasking everyone . Library : A good amount of collections which paved the way for me to understand more and more about the journey of counselling . Transformation : I have observed that Ihave made the transformation myself --from being a somewhat solution oriented person to People Centric balancing it out to being a non-judgemental and a good listener. I am on the right path to find my potential willing to unlearn and relearn the ideologies of what makes us ‘Human’ which is simply to be accepting and to be humane towards our ownself and also in our approach to others. I’m sure that I will go out there and help ease the emotional burden of many. From the heart I would like to thank Dr.Ali,for such a great service to the mankind,Dr.Asha, Sridhar,Poornima,Sapna,Sonal,Reema,Lochan for their guidance and grooming me into counsellor. I extend my sincere thanks to Venu,Aneez,Arun,Raghu and all other staff members for extending their help all the time. Before concluding I would like to state that I feel so happy that after DCS ,I have been blessed with a family of 43 and plus brothers and sisters to travel along with me in the journey of my life and great well wishers in the form of mentors to guide and render support. I consider this as the great gain what I have made.

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