Prabha Sharma

Prabha Sharma, Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) course of Banjara Academy
Prabha Sharma, Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) course of Banjara Academy of Banjara Academy
DCS Regn No-15T122,
Jun 2014-Apr 2015

When I was looking for a group to enroll myself in, I came across Helping Hand and when I visited the Banjara website, I was drawn towards the DCS course that was starting, and wanting to learn to interact with people better before taking up the work seriously, I enrolled into the course.

To be honest, the course topics are so well picked that after each class it gives enough food for thought and to introspect before you attend the next class (am glad that the classes are not daily, if not there would be utter confusion in my mind, actually this 2 days a week class is really helpful). There seems to have been a paradigm shift in me, the journey has been amazing and beautiful. The classroom experience has been wonderful. I have been able to understand myself a lit bit more better, I can find answers to a few of my questions, (I really had no one to ask some of them and I was a confused and puzzled lady, who seemed to think differently always and was looked upon as an alien sometimes by my friends and relatives, but now I am okay and comfortable with myself) I am in the path of knowing my core values and morals. I am at peace with myself and with the people around, most of the time. The skills that I have learnt and trying my best to practice them have helped me be happy, there is some kind of clarity into my actions and thoughts and my feelings. It has given me a bird’s eye view into various situations in life.

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