Convocation of Students of Bangalore Community College

Program held on 15 July 2017, at Sacred Heart School,
Richmond Road, Bengaluru.

Dr. Ali Khwaja of Banjara Academy at the convocation of students of Bangalore Community College, Bengaluru, 15 July 2017.

Dr. Ali Khwaja was invited to preside over the convocation of the 12th batch of students of Bangalore Community College on 15th July 2017 at Sacred Heart school Richmond Road. The college provides vocational training to children who cannot go through the mainstream colleges due to either low grades or financial constraints. With the motto “include the excluded” this college is definitely giving humanitarian goals to its contemporaries.

The testimonial segment of the program was an emotional affair. To see students who had written off themselves and were also written off by their families as good for nothing and failures turn around to be efficient trusted and earning members of the society. It was heart-warming to see the mothers speaking about their children with a sense of pride and gratitude for the college.

Dr. Ali’s speech on topic “Born free, Live free” was received beautifully like a dessert in the main menu.

Overall, we at Banjara Academy wish Bangalore Community College the best for the noble cause and hope they continue changing lives and include many more excluded.

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