National Seminar on Home Science, Bengaluru

Conducted by the Indian Association of Home Scientists,
Karnataka Chapter.

Program held on , 27 October 2017, at Maharani's College Auditorium, Bengaluru.

Dr. Ali Khwaja of Banjara Academy conducted a workshop for counsellors at Police Commissioners office Bengaluru 11 July 2017-3

Dr. Ali was invited to convey the Valedictory Address in the National Seminar on Home Science, conducted by the Indian Association of Home Scientists, Karnataka Chapter on Friday 27th October at the Auditorium of Maharani's College. He spoke about the significance of home and family. He also emphasized on the role that human relationships, particularly family relationships, play in the well-being of humans. He highlighted the fact that after the IT revolution people are now looking more and more to build their EQ, their Life Skills, and to make their personal and family life better. In this scenario Home Scientists have a very important role to play. In the coming years they will be in great demand in early childhood education, curriculum development, counselling families,consumer psychology, analyzing big data from human angle, and various other vital aspects of human life. He encouraged the students and teachers of Home Science to build up their self-esteem, to spread the word of the importance of relationships and the role that they can play in building a better society. The talk was immensely appreciated and congratulated.

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