Classroom Courses in Counselling Skills

Certificate in Child and Adolescent Development (CCAD-19)

A unique program – combination of weekly classroom sessions and practical work with children and teenagers of your choice at your convenience. Other than the scheduled sessions, which will cover the topics given below, you will need to have a weekly interaction with your Mentor to understand, get guidance and improve your understanding of children.

Life skills have been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) of United Nations as the most important learning and asset to lead a fulfilling life. These are incorporated in our CCAD program.

With more than 20 years of experience in counselling, training, empowering trainers, assessing and guiding children with all types of special needs and imparting life skills, Team Banjara offers a practical hands-on part-time program that will empower you to systematically and scientifically guide every child you are interested in to grow up as a better citizen.

Methodology: Lectures, case studies, project work, and extensive interaction on behaviour patterns of children with your Mentor.

Managed by professionals, the course is meant for people of all backgrounds who are interested in the welfare of the new generation, and is conducted with the explicit aim of empowering you in the practical realm. You may also consider using this skill for professionally dealing with children or adolescents. The course has been designed through scientific methods from many years of experience of Ali, Sonal, Purnima, and all others at Team Banjara.

Eligibility: While the program is meant for persons with an academic background up to graduation level, those with and lesser qualification are also considered on interview, if they are caring and sensitive human beings and have genuine interest in children.

What you need is the right attitude to deal with the issues of 21st century children, and a sincere commitment to understand from their point of view..

Duration & InaugurationCourse begins with individual 1:1 interactions and assessments of prospective trainees from September 2018,

Inauguration is on
3:00 - 5:30 pm on Saturday 6 October 2018 for weekend batch
10:30 am - 1:00 pm on Monday 8 October 2018 for weekday batch,
Regular classes start the subsequent week and culminate on 16th March 2019.


Team C-1 Mondays 10:30 - 1:00 pm
Team C-2 Saturdays 3:00 - 5:30 pm

Students will be given opportunity to attend free lectures periodically from eminent guest faculty covering additional topics of human-interest. You will also be informed about other related workshops being conducted by Banjara Academy and other reputed institutions, if you wish to enhance your learning.

Commitment from students:

This course is meant for mature individuals who have had sufficient experience of life and who can think calmly, understand the aspirations of the younger generation, and balance the needs of parents and children. Hence you are expected to put in reasonably consistent attendance, and complete the requisite hours of practical work, as well as the assignments, for which your Mentor will interact with you on weekly basis. Evaluation is a continuous process, based on attendance, viva, assignments, and your performance evaluated by the group and by experts. Core faculty spends time with individual students more for their improvement than for their assessment.
There are no theory exams and students are evaluated continuously for their ability to genuinely develop their own techniques, games, exercises and effective methods.
An experiential student-centric approach is adopted throughout the course. Students are expected to participate actively, be responsible for their own learning, and commit themselves to the effort required to complete the course. Complete confidentiality is to be maintained by every student throughout. You will also need to continue your learning and updating on a regular basis after the course has ended. We will guide you with the methodology but the initiative and motivation should be deep within you.
Note: We will be helping, guiding and teaching you how to develop your own methodology to deal with children holistically, taking into account every aspect of the target group you would be working with, with primary focus on children and youth.

About the Academy

Banjara Academy has been conducting counselling, career guidance and other Life Skills programs for more than thirty years, both for general participants as well as for specialized groups such as doctors, teachers, social workers, defence personnel, executives, etc. The workshops have been well received and acknowledged by professionals and lay people alike. Appreciation has been received from government and non-government organizations, psychiatrists, psychologists, educators, medical professionals, etc.
Short-term workshops are conducted periodically on parenting, child development, team building, disability and rehabilitation, old age, communication, handling emotions, adolescent issues, etc.
Banjara also networks with various government and non-government agencies working in similar and complementary fields, and plays host to networking and group activities.
The Academy maintains an exhaustive library of books on all aspects of human behaviour, notes and literature for perusal by students, and also holds free lectures by eminent persons in the field. Books can be borrowed free of cost against a nominal annual fee. Many books on counselling & human behaviour published by the Academy are available at economical price.
Since the past three decades the Academy has been actively and exhaustively conducting Life Skills workshops in innumerable cities all over the country. Aptitude Testing and Career Guidance is done on individual basis in a very holistic manner. Thousands of young people have reported very positive outcomes through the guidance.
Dr. Ali Khwaja B.Tech (IIT), MIE, MIIM, Ph.D. writes regular career columns in Deccan Herald and other publications, Ms. Sonal Patel has years of hands-on experience with wide variety of child issues, Ms. Purnima Ganesh has conducted innumerable Life skills workshop for various age groups across schools, colleges, armed forces. She has been invited for television talks on understanding children and teenagers.

Course Content:

The following topics will be covered......
  1. Pregnancy, birth, first year
  2. 1-6 years, milestones, emotional needs
  3. Emotional Intelligence
  4. Communicating with children
  5. li>Parenting styles, expectations of parent and child
  6. Building Self Esteem of child
  7. Children with special needs & their emotional aspects
  8. Dyslexia, slow learners, autism etc.
  9. Importance of play- Free play organized, group play.
  10. Identifying and adapting to learning style of a child.
  11. Physical, Emotional, Social, Cognitive & language Development.
  12. Emotional disturbance in children
  13. Adolescent behavior
  14. Peer pressure, bullying, tantrums etc.
  15. Discipline issues, Role modeling.
  16. Sex education, boy-girl relations
  17. Study techniques and Career guidance
  18. Single child and Single parenting
  19. Technology addiction
  20. Role of Grandparents and significant adults
The 10 essential Life Skills propounded by World Health Organization (WHO) will be incorporated, which are:
  1. Problem Solving
  2. Decision Making
  3. Creative Thinking
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Interpersonal Relations
  7. Empathy
  8. Self awareness
  9. Managing emotions
  10. Management of stress
Our Team at Banjara with whom you would be interacting:
Administrative Director: Ms. Indra Kamal
Director (Programs): Ms. Purnima G.
Director Gurukul: Ms. Sonal P.
Guidance counsellor: Ms. Reema H.
Office Management: Mr. Venugopal
Human Relations Manager: Ms. Anees Fathima
Chief Mentor: Dr. Ali Khwaja B. Tech (IIT), MIE, MIIM, Ph.D.

Mentoring: Each participant of the course will be provided with a Mentor who will be a friend, philosopher and guide to help through the learning process and guide on practical work.

Course Expenses:


While we do not give any guarantee of jobs, the academy will guide and support you in your future endeavours. So far the Academy has been successful in providing placement to those of our students who were interested in regular jobs. Our students are working in reputed NGOs, educational institutions, hospitals, corporate houses and specialized counselling centres. Also, many have been provided with opportunities to do counselling part time or on honorary basis for experience.

Students who have completed our Counselling and other courses are working in Air Force Command Hospital, St. Joseph’s, Delhi Public School, Rashtrothana Vidya Mandir, BEL School, Spastic Society of Karnataka, Manipal Hospital, CADABAMS, ASHA Foundation, Army School, APSA, Christ University, Jyoti Nivas and Mount Carmel College, various Kendriya Vidyalayas, Eurokids, Brindavan, Sa-mudra Foundation, Sindhi, Samadhan, Association of People with Disability (APD), and various other NGOs, schools, colleges and institutions.

Our old students are also actively involved in training and workshops for Baldwins, Kumarans, Samvad Institute of Speech and Hearing, Seshadripuram, Sophia’s, and St. Joseph’s, Modern Public, Carmel Little Angels and many others.

Many of our students have established and are successfully running their own counselling centres, or are attached to prestigious institutions. Similarly, they have enhanced their guidance skills and are more effective in their work after Banjara’s courses.


Due to its practical emphasis, the course has been designed for creating effective techniques to giving holistic development to children rather than merely imparting theoretical knowledge. Hence the course is not affiliated to any university, and no government recognition has been sought. We are full voting members of World Federation of Mental Health.

The various courses run by the Academy are well received by innumerable government and private organizations, including reputed NGOs, educational institutions, eminent professionals and commercial establishments, for whom the Academy has been conducting lectures, training and workshops. Ali is invited on regular basis to Defence, Central Government and most prestigious educational institutions.

We are also an Accredited Vocational Institute of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) for Early Childhood Care and Education. UNO has sponsored students from different countries to Banjara courses.


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