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Blossoms ... A beautiful way to grow!

10-day Certified Life Skills Workshop for Little Girls, Boys (5 to 10 years of age)

BLOSSOMS 1 - from 10 Apr to 21 Apr 17; also exclusive workshop for parents on 'Effective Parenting'

BLOSSOMS 2 - from 8 May to 20 May 17; also exclusive workshop for parents on 'Effective Parenting'

children life skills workshop

How would it be when your child expresses feelings and communicates with clarity?

This summer...

I will play, listen, talk, share stories!!!
I will draw, colour, act, dance, jump and twist!!!!
I will explore my strengths, attitudes and dreams!!!
With Learning I have Fun and with Fun I learn!!!!!
children life skills workshop
Image Credit: Ravi Chahal, cc-by-2.0,

A frolic which also helps to improve social skills and builds self-confidence.


Venue: Banjara Academy, R.T. Nagar, Bengaluru
BLOSSOMS 1 - 10 days, starting from 10 April 2017; Ends 21 April 2017
BLOSSOMS 2 - 10 days, starting from 8 May 2017; Ends 20 May 2017
Classes: Monday to Friday between 1030 am - 1230 pm
Eligibility: 5 to 10 years
CALL: Vandana, 9742221266 / Purnima, 9341972540


Role plays, Storytelling, Team activities. Practical and creative useful project work. Topics covered: self-love, communication, dreams, goals, friendship, confidence, creativity, respect, anger and many more. Exclusive parents' workshop on 'Effective parenting'.


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