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While we do not give any guarantee of jobs, so far the Academy has been 100% successful in providing placement to those of our students who were interested in regular jobs. Our students are working in reputed NGOs, educational institutions, hospitals, corporate houses and specialized counselling centres. Also, many have been provided with opportunities to do counselling part time or on honorary basis for experience.

Students who have completed DCS are working in Air Force Command Hospital, Philips Innovation Center, Spastic Society of Karnataka, Manipal Hospital, CADABAMS, ASHA Foundation, Army School, APSA, Christ University, Jyoti Nivas and Mount Carmel College, Sindhi, Samadhan, Association of People with Disability, FORTE, Rio Tinto, and various other NGOs, schools, colleges and hospitals. Our old students are also actively involved in continuous training and workshops for Baldwins, Kumarans, Sophia’s, St. Joseph’s, Modern Public, and various other institutions.

Many DCS students have established and are successfully running their own counselling centres, or are attached to prestigious institutions providing counselling servives.


Due to its practical emphasis, the course has been designed for creating effective counsellors rather than merely imparting theoretical knowledge. Hence the course is not affiliated to any university, and no government recognition has been sought.

The course and the Academy are well received by innumerable government and private organizations, including reputed NGOs, educational institutions, eminent professionals and commercial establishments, for whom the Academy has been conducting lectures, training and workshops.

This Diploma (DCS) has been accepted, appreciated and recognized individually by most eminent people and organizations, and will open the doors for you to step into the world of counselling with your head held high.

The Future

dcs4This course is meant to lay the foundation for an ongoing relationship between the student and the Academy. Various facilities of the Academy will be made available to every successful student after completion of the course.

On successful completion of the course, students will be eligible for membership of the Association of Lay Counsellors of India (ALCI) which provides inputs, networking information happenings and recent advances, etc. Membership of the Association will help the student formalize and monitor his / her work as a counsellor, set guidelines, and get group support in doing work.

The Academy also runs a five month part-time Certificate in Life Skills for those who wish to upgrade themselves further.


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