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Preetam Aswath

Post Graduate MFA, Pre-School Teacher at Euro Kids

Preetam Aswath, DCS Student TestimonialTo be accepting and non-judgmental does not come naturally because of our unique cultural, social, religious upbringing. The Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy, however, has completely reversed those beliefs. The course touched on intense subjects seamlessly and helped me garner profound knowledge on such topics. It has opened a door to showcase the vulnerabilities of human life and also how human courage has the ability to make life more interesting, livable and find happiness in the wake of tragedies.


Sharada S

B.E in Electronics and Communication, engineer at ISRO

Sharada S, DCS Student TestimonialThe Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy has left me with a deep impact and a great amount of awareness. The exposure to people from varied walks of lives and facing different struggles was an revelation in itself. Additionally, being given an opportunity to interact with eminent personalities gave me a sense of motivation to pursue a similar mindset and life. I am truly grateful to Banjara for giving me, not just theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills for life.


Bindu Menon

B.Sc., Administrator at Vidya Mandir School.

Bindu Menon, DCS Student TestimonialThe Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy has been a wonderful experience for me in many ways. I have literally relived my college days with all the fun and interesting activities lined up. Meeting individuals from varied age groups was the best and the most unique experience. Institutional visits helped me grasp the importance of positive spirit one needs towards life to be able to face multiple challenges. The staff and faculty of Banjara are supportive and interactive throughout the whole course, which I am truly thankful for.



Consultant at Wipro Technologies

Parthasarathy, DCS Student TestimonialDiploma in Counselling (DCS) is one of the best things that happened in my life at the right time. This program was all about self-exploration at my pace and reconnecting with self-awareness, self-reflection, self-introspection, interpersonal relationships. It gave me an exposure as to how to go about non-directive counseling that enriches one’s being. Banjara and all its wonderful facilitators are part of my gratitude journal for enabling me to see things beyond the obvious in life! Quite happy & proud to be part of this wonderful Banjara Family now!


Dr. Vishwesh Vishnumurthy

MBBS Bangalore University, Diploma in family medicine ( U.K )

Dr. Vishwesh Vishnumurthy, DCS Student Testimonial"I had an enriching experience at Banjara and just didn't realize how short 1 year could be! I learnt a lot of human centric concepts from the rather friendly faculty and more importantly I went through a process of unlearning and re-learning things the right way! Banjara is one of the few places where a lot of importance is given to time! Besides those that are interested in counselling, I would recommend this course for individuals who deal with people constantly in their professional lives"


Chandrika Radhakrishnan

M.A in English Literature, writes for The Hindu, Deccan Herald and various magazines

Chandrika Radhakrishnan, DCS Student TestimonialBanjara Academy has taught me to look into myself and become more perceptive not only about my own thoughts and feelings, but also of other people. I was taught to learn and hone those skills and become non-judgemental, which was hitherto quite unused by me. I believe that if we would like to be a life-long learner and keep our mental ageing at bay, Banjara is a go-to place, for the learning happens beyond the four walls of the academy.


Sudhir Y.R.

B.E., MBA Digital Marketing, Sr. Manager at Smart Owner Services

Sudhir Y.R., DCS Student TestimonialThe Diploma in Counselling Skills course at Banjara Academy had made me a better listener, taught me to empathize with other people, and be non-judgmental. It has made me accept people the way they are with all their inadequacies and look at them at them as a complete whole rather than in bits and pieces. I take this opportunity to thank Dr Ali and his entire team at Banjara Academy for the wonderful learning and driving home the point that “Fulfillment is sought from within and not from the materialistic world outside”.


Dr. Girish Baindur

MBBS, Manager at ISRO

Girish Baindur Dr., DCS Student TestimonialThe Diploma in Counselling Skills course at Banjara Academy is a thoroughly enjoyable experience that is rich in content and form. It taught me a lot about myself and others, as well. We were very fortunate to have such exalted and extra ordinary faculty who gave us their unique perspectives. Not to mention, Ali and the behind-the-scenes hard work of Purnima and staff. This course gave me many things that I needed to know about the finer nuances of Counseling. I feel a lot more confident in handling counselees. THANK YOU BANJARA AND THANK YOU ALI for the way you have transformed us all!!!



Partner at V3 Group

J.S.Nathan, DCS Student TestimonialBanjara as a team are highly committed and highly principled in their approach. The guest lecturers are highly accomplished and stalwarts in their own field, and listening to their experiences and knowledge is like icing on the cake. I also would like to thank our mentor Dr Ali Khawja, a very unassuming and humble person, who conveys his message with humor. The one year of DCS has helped me understand what counselling is and has helped me become a better human being. I will cherish all the good times I have had with Team Banjara.


Dr. H. G. Jayalakshmi

M.D. (Ayurveda), Asstistant proffessor of Social Work at IIAMR

Dr. H. G. Jayalakshmi, DCS Student TestimonialThe Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) from Banjara Academy has helped me understand the importance of counseling in today's fast changing society and has left such an impact on me that I am planning to take up Counseling as my profession. In fact, being a doctor and a teacher, I was practicing it without knowing the nuances of it. All that I was doing was listening to anyone in distress with all my heart. Learning from Banjara has provided me with the tools with which I can work better.


Shruti Kulkarni

Specialist in Movement Arts, free lance dance instructor

Shruti Kulkarni DCS Student TestimonialBanjara Academy is undoubtedly one of its kind in India. The journey in Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) has not only helped me value the relationships I share in life but has also helped me immensely with introspection. I realized how much we all need help in life and Banjara teaches us exactly this, how to help yourself and others. It makes us better human beings and this world, an even better place to live in! If you have always wanted to make a difference in this world, this course is for you. Because change, my friend, starts from within.


Nanditha Goud

M.A English, free lance trainer for Soft skills and Behavioral Skills

Nanditha Goud, DCS Student Testimonial“The Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy was more of a thought provoking INTERNAL journey through a year accompanied with fun learning. The intense yet relaxed learning atmosphere has taken me through a lot of self - introspection leading to self awareness and self realization which in turn has brought about peace n serenity within. This has brought about a readiness to be with others in their journey of life”


Shubha Roopesh

Primary Teacher at Sri Chaitanya Techno School, specialises in training children with special needs

Shubha Roopesh, DCS Student TestimonialThe Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy was more of a journey with self. I have learnt to accept things the way they are and can surely say that this molded me into a better human being. The course has helped me become more empathetic, non-judgmental and has also refined my listening skills. So much so, that the changes in me have been perceived and appreciated by the people around me.


Nirajkumar S Agarwal

Self Employed, Propreitor

Nirajkumar S Agarwal, DCS Student TestimonialApart from understanding the nuances of Counseling, the Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy has also offered me exposure to a world of various experiences like learning a new language and becoming more mindful of my physical and emotional self. The program has given me an affirmation that I am on the right path. It has helped me understand that learning never ends. There is always scope to learn more and improve oneself..


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