Practical Training - Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) Classroom Course

Students will be given opportunities for supervised practical training/assignment work at the following institutions.

Large General Hospitals

  • Apollo
  • Sagar
  • Victoria Hospital
  • Bowring Hospital
  • Manipal Hospital
  • St. John's Hospital (including Emergency Medicine Department)
  • St. Martha's
  • Baptist Hospital
  • M.S. Ramaiah Hospital, etc

Specialized Hospitals

  • Kidwai Memorial's Palliative Care Unit
  • NIMHANS Casualty
  • Command Hospital Air Force, etc

Schools for Special Children

  • Spastic Society of Karnataka
  • ASHA
  • Institute of Speech and Hearing
  • Association of People with Disability
  • Shraddhanjali Integrated School
  • Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled
  • Aruna Chetana
  • Refugee home for Sri Lankan Refugee children at Yelahanka

And Other Organizations

  • Police Commissioner's Office - Family Counselling Centre
  • Vanitha Sahay Vani
  • Sahai Suicide helpline
  • Mahila Dakshata Samithi
  • Nightingales Elders Enrichment Services
  • Bangalore Hospice Trust's Karunashraya Hospice for the terminally ill
  • Medico Pastoral Association, half-way home and hostel
  • Miracle Foundation, and other de-addiction and AIDS centres
  • Mathru Chaya's (Canara Bank) Old Age Home, hospital, orphanage, special school
  • MIND-Home for the mentally ill and geriatric patients
  • Various schools spread over the city
and many others.....

Additional Practice

Those desiring to take up regular counselling practice and mock sessions can enroll for the “Supervised Practical Program”, by paying an additional fee. Activities in these sessions will include demonstration counselling, case studies, dyadic and group sessions, “hot seat” technique, and practical skills sharpening.

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