Instructions to Candidates

dcs5After your interview, please ask for the application form and fill it in completely. Incomplete forms may not be accepted.

Admission will be confirmed only when the registration is accepted and a roll number is allotted to you.

Please contact the office for completing the following formalities before classes begin:

  1. Interaction with Coordinator and others
  2. PI tests
  3. Students Manual discussion and undertaking letter to be signed
  4. Fee structure to be finalized and post-dated cheques deposited

First (combined) class for all batches will be held in the last week of June 2018. Attendance is compulsory.

Commitment from students

While this programme does not have a syllabus, textbooks, theory exams, etc., it is a serious course where you are made to introspect into your own life, your relationships, and how you can improve your skills to enrich your quality of living. We expect you to take deep interest in human behavior, understand interpersonal dynamics in all areas you interact, and make sincere attempts to bring about a transformation in your own self.

Each student is expected to put in reasonably consistent attendance, and complete the requisite hours of practical work, as well as the assignments. Evaluation is a continuous process, based on presentations that the student makes, and his/her counselling sessions evaluated by the group and by experts. Our core faculty spends time with individual students more for their improvement than for their assessment. There are no theory exams, and students are evaluated continuously for their ability to genuinely reach out and counsel effectively.

An experiential student-centered approach is adopted throughout the course. Students are expected to participate actively, be responsible for their own learning, and commit themselves to the effort required to complete the course. Complete confidentiality is to be maintained by every student throughout.

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