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A very unique course - actually a unique opportunity to take a fresh look at life - that is open to people from all walks of life and of all ages. The one year, part-time course has no theory, textbooks, or exam. It helps you to introspect about your own life, and prepares you to become a practical and effective counsellor to others. Individual interviews for admission to the Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) Course at RT Nagar, Bangalore North, have started, the inaugural session begins in the last week of June 19, and practicals in July 19. Regular classes end in Feb 2020 and the first week of March 2020 is spent on extra classes, practicals, and presentations. The valedictory program will be held in the second week of Mar 2020.

You can choose from convenient batches (morning, evening, and weekend), twice a week for two hours each - at our centre in RT Nagar, Bangalore North. Contact on 8861792260 or our offices on 080-23535787 23330200, 23535766 or write to banjaradcs@gmail.com.

Similar course is offered at our R.V.Road Centre later in the year. Please wait for announcement and details.

The focus of this course is primarily on improving the quality of your life and that of the people around you. The diploma also widens your employment opportunities as the skills you learn make you more adaptable and useful in any working environment and moreover there is a great demand for people with counselling skills.

The main objectives of the course are as follows:

  • To improve your understanding of the human mind.

  • To help you understand yourself better.

  • To improve your interpersonal skills thereby helping you build better relationships both at home and work.

  • To arm you with in-depth counselling skills which will help you to reach out to people. Many corporates and other institutions are in desperate need for people with this skill set.

  • To help you face life positively and thus contribute to improving the quality of your life.

Here is a course with a practical orientation to understand, master, and practice the skills of psychological counselling at workplace, community, institutions, and in informal set ups. The course has been designed from many years of experience of people working in and teaching counselling, and is conducted by a broad cross section of counsellors, psychologists, medical professionals, special educators, human resources experts, and wonderful human beings.

Managed by professionals, the course is tutored for even those who have not had prior theoretical knowledge of psychology, and is conducted with the explicit aim of empowering the students in the practical realm. More than eight hundred students have successfully completed the course since it was given a formal structure in 1999, and many thousands have benefited from short term courses of the Academy.

This course highlights the philosophy that each person is unique in his or her own right; that in certain conditions each one has the ability to grow and develop; that learning is best achieved when the person takes responsibility and is willing to ‘experience’ a range of different skills. This course will help those who wish to improve their own relationships and practice counselling in the following areas:

In offices and factories, educational institutions, adolescents, hospitals, nursing homes, alongside busy medical professionals, women’s or community organizations, old age homes, hospices, de-addiction centres, with families, youth and children, for marital harmony, or even informally in the community. The program simultaneously nurtures personal growth and development by making one understand one’s own strengths and weaknesses.

The Certification in Life Skills Training (CLST) course is an interactive practical programme to empower you with the abiity to train people and to build their life skills. Life skills have been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the most important learning and asset to lead a fulfilling life. Based on the important principles expounded by WHO, most countries have incorporated them in the curriculum of schools and colleges. In India also, the CBSE has already made it compulsory, and most other Boards are following that up. Similarly, most engineering and other colleges are incorporating such skills as part of the education to ensure that students are made industry-ready, and prestigious corporate organizations are looking for soft-skills trained candidates. Bangalore University, vide circular No ACA-II/Int.Mru.Skill/2015-16 has made it compulsory for arts, science and commerce students to study Life Skills in the 4th Semester. Banjara Academy is associated with a number of colleges in conducting this mandatory programme for students to study Life Skills.

To train you as a Trainer who can impart Life Skills training, Banjara Academy, with its over 30 years of experience in the field of human behaviour, is conducting this practical and interactive program (modified to suit Indian conditions), two hours twice a week, to sharpen your skills and make you an expert in life skills.

Duration: 11 class program

Eligibility: Open to all, adults who are genuinely concerned about improving their own and others’ quality of life through simple, practical techniques. No minimum qualification.

Admissions: Based on personal interview. Limited seats. Starts from 1st April from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Future: This program is aimed at making you an expert trainer for children, adolescents and adults, to teach life skills in schools, colleges, corporates. Demand for Life Skills trainers is increasing rapidly.

The course also includes vital areas such as child and adolescent development, anger management, self-esteem, peer pressure, study skills, assertiveness, time management - all at the practical level, apart from the World Health Organization's (WHO) 10 Life Skills (listed below), used as a base by the Certificate in Life Skills Training (CLST) course.

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Certificate in Child and Adolescent Development (CCAD) Course
Registration Commences Mid of 2020
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A unique program – combination of weekly classroom sessions and practical work with children and teenagers of your choice at your convenience. Other than the scheduled sessions, which will cover the topics given below, you will need to have a weekly interaction with your Mentor to understand, get guidance and improve your understanding of children. Life skills have been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) of United Nations as the most important learning and asset to lead a fulfilling life. These are incorporated in our CCAD program.

With more than 20 years of experience in counselling, training, empowering trainers, assessing and guiding children with all types of special needs and imparting life skills, Team Banjara offers a practical hands-on part-time program that will empower you to systematically and scientifically guide every child you are interested in to grow up as a better citizen.

Methodology: Lectures, case studies, project work, and extensive interaction on behaviour patterns of children with your Mentor.

Managed by professionals, the course is meant for people of all backgrounds who are interested in the welfare of the new generation, and is conducted with the explicit aim of empowering you in the practical realm. You may also consider using this skill for professionally dealing with children or adolescents. The course has been designed through scientific methods from many years of experience of Ali, Sonal, Purnima, and all others at Team Banjara.

Eligibility: While the program is meant for persons with an academic background up to graduation level, those with and lesser qualification are also considered on interview, if they are caring and sensitive human beings and have genuine interest in children.

What you need is the right attitude to deal with the issues of 21st century children, and a sincere commitment to understand from their point of view.

Commitment from students: This course is meant for mature individuals who have had sufficient experience of life and who can think calmly, understand the aspirations of the younger generation, and balance the needs of parents and children. Hence you are expected to put in reasonably consistent attendance, and complete the requisite hours of practical work, as well as the assignments, for which your Mentor will interact with you on weekly basis. Evaluation is a continuous process, based on attendance, viva, assignments, and your performance evaluated by the group and by experts. Core faculty spends time with individual students more for their improvement than for their assessment.

There are no theory exams and students are evaluated continuously for their ability to genuinely develop their own techniques, games, exercises and effective methods.

An experiential student-centric approach is adopted throughout the course. Students are expected to participate actively, be responsible for their own learning, and commit themselves to the effort required to complete the course.Complete confidentiality is to be maintained by every student throughout. You will also need to continue your learning and updating on a regular basis after the course has ended. We will guide you with the methodology but the initiative and motivation should be deep within you.

Note: We will be helping, guiding and teaching you how to develop your own methodology to deal with children holistically, taking into account every aspect of the target group you would be working with, with primary focus on children and youth.