Christmas - A Spirit of Love and Sharing

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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Christmas brings a spirit of love and sharing to many of us irrespective of our faith. Today I was introspecting why many people prefer to be loved rather than to love. Fine, that is their choice. I have seen over the years and decades that it is not easy to receive love from the right person at the right time and in the right form, but I also see some people quite determined to make all efforts to receive, cherish and treasure that love. Some others do not get what they want, and spend days and years craving for that elusive warmth of knowing that they are lovable.

Taking it one more step forward, I see people who are receiving warm, caring and genuine love from someone they love too. But among these are there some who are still not happy. They want EXCLUSIVE love. It is not sufficient that the person is showering affection in different ways and consistently. They start comparing whether the person is giving love to someone else too…. and if yes, they become unhappy. They lose the value of the love they are receiving, and make themselves miserable trying to ensure that they are the ONLY recipient of that person’s love. I often wonder if it is a sign of deep inner insecurity and incompleteness in oneself.

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