Identifying The Best Suited Career And Course

Career choices

The new Academic Year has begun, and most children have settled down to their new classes. Some of the elder ones are still struggling with entrance exams, admissions, choice of courses, and getting more confused what path to take.

Let us admit that the education system does nothing to help students choose the right field and direction. Neither is aptitude identified, nor is information on careers given, except once in a while in a sporadic manner.

Most parents want to help, but feel that they do not have enough information or expertise. Unfortunately some parents push their child into something that they feel is right (for the wrong reasons). Many are not even aware of the innumerable new careers that offer excellent prospects, and very few actually match the interest, personality traits and aptitude of their own child.

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It is the duty of every adult to provide a level playing field to the budding youngsters, provide them with inputs, help them explore, and empower them to make the best possible decision. We need not be very knowledgeable, we just have to get involved, explore with the student, and weigh pros and cons to identify the best suited career and course. It will not only ensure a good future for them, but also a safe old age for us when we are dependent on them and they are ruling the world. Let us all join hands and put in our efforts.

Career choices

By Ali Khwaja

Career Guidance

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