ChildAbuse Child Abuse book

Child Abuse

Prevention Healing Adult Survivors

Author : Dr. Ali Khwaja
ISBN : 978-81-88771-76-4
Publisher : Banjara Academy
Pages : 68
Price : Rs 60/-


Topic Page No.
1.How it all began
2.What is Abuse
3.Sex Abuse
5.When Abuse takes place
6.Adolescence of an Abused child 27
7.Adult survivors
8.The Healing
9.Domestic Abuse
10.Findings of Survey of Survivors 50
11.First Person Sharing

All About The Book

Whether the abuse a child suffers and endures is verbal, physical or sexual, the resultant trauma can cripple him/ her for life. Scientific, legal and moral tomes have been written about child abuse, but it remains a rarely understood term.Even less understood is what goes through the mind of the innocent victim of child abuse.Discussing a range of aspects related to child abuse, from tools for the prevention of abuse and the role of parents and concerned adults to techinques for making the child speak out and dealing with the emotional trauma of an abuse child, this sensitively written book offers support and solace to child abuse victims. The book also includes some touching first-person accounts from those who have experience child abuse.

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