Careers tips: Taking a Break for Work Experience

Many students toy with the idea of taking a break during their studies and spending a year gaining some work experience. There are both advantages and disadvantages of such a move. Before you take a decision, consider the following factors:

  1. Working, even for a short time and in an entry-level or apprentice type job, gives you a practical exposure to how working conditions will be in a particular field. Hence ensure that if you are taking up a job, it should be in the area you are considering as a career.
  2. Break is better after finishing a basic degree. A break after 10+2 may neither get you a good job, nor enough exposure for you to decide what career is most suitable to you.
  3. Ensure that you are the type who will be able to get back to studies, and not get enamored by the money and glamour of being a working person.
  4. Finalize a job before stopping studies. It may be paying very less (or in extreme cases, not at all), but the organization should give you opportunities to learn, and not just do routine work.
  5. When taking a break from regular courses, keep up your habit of studying either by taking up short term or correspondence courses, or by studying on your own the topics relevant to your work.
  6. If you are already clear about what career you are going to take, then it is better to continue uninterrupted studies and acquire higher qualifications.
  7. By Ali Khwaja

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