Career guidance tips: Is graduation necessary

There was a time when any reasonably good job required a minimum qualification of a university degree. Also, it was a status symbol and an icon of the individual’s capability. With the advent of BPO’s and with globalization of business, the university degree is slowly fading away from its significance.

The advent of foreign universities to India has also taken away the standardized requirement of going one step at a time with fixed duration for each level. Many foreign universities do not even adhere to the norms in India of “recognized” universities.

With skills having overtaken paper qualifications, the primary focus of every Indian student should be on ascertaining whether a particular course will make him “employable” i.e. whether he will acquire the ability to produce results in the form of productivity, quality, profit, etc. Once the student ensures that he has chosen the right field based on his aptitude, he may give preference to a course that additionally ensures a university degree – or he may simultaneously enroll for a distance learning degree course and complete it in three years while he moves ahead in his work and skills enhancement.

Acquiring a degree from a UGC recognized university may be an added asset lifelong. Today one can enroll for a distance learning undergraduate course even without 10+2 qualification, by just appearing for a simple entrance exam. Since most universities follow annual exam system, one can take leave a few days prior to the exam and catch up with studies. Distance learning courses offer B.A, B.Sc., B.Com. B.B.A., B.C.A. and various other courses.

By Ali Khwaja

Career Guidance

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