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Even IIT-ians Have a Cause for Concern

One of every three IITians graduating this year either didn’t find a suitable job or wasn’t found suitable for a job through campus placement, official data show, pointing to shrinking employment opportunities for India’s large pool of engineering talent.

Only 66% of those who made themselves available for campus recruitment landed a job offer in 2016-17, as against 79% in 2015-16 and 78% in 2014-15, according to data made available by IITs to the human resource development (HRD) ministry. Out of 9,104 student in 17 IITs who applied this year, only 6,013 got jobs.

The data for placement was shared by 17 IITs. There are 75,000 students studying in 23 IITs in the country.

By Ali Khwaja


Confused about what career you’ll eventually be taking up?

Annual exams are over, results have been announced, and admissions are one. If you have not finalized your long-term career goals you may land up taking admission in a wrong course. This is the time to evaluate your future goals. Keep in mind that once you choose your career, you will probably be working in that field for over 40-50 years. Hence it is good to start the process of narrowing down, even if you are in 9 th or 11 th . Once you decide your career, it becomes easier to select subjects and courses to take you towards your goal.

What course you take e.g. science, commerce or arts, what degree to pursue after 12 th and even what post- graduation to take up after degree – all these should be decided based on a careful and scientific evaluation of the combination of interest + aptitude (skills) + personality traits + opportunities. Do not wait till the last moment when admissions are closing and you need to take immediate decision. Get yourself assessed at Banjara Academy. We will list out all your traits holistically and once you agree that we have analyzed you correctly, we will list out most suitable careers, and then we will work with you on what courses, colleges, subjects you need to select to take you to the right goal.

By Ali Khwaja


Careers in Pure Science

After a lull of many decades, pure sciences have again started picking up as promising careers. After the establishment of IITs and various other reputed professional institutions, pure sciences at degree level was available only as an ordinary 3 year course which did not attract good talent, and hence the feeling was that studying a B.Sc. does not have good career prospects.

With the coming of the Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISERs), the first of which was established in Pune over twenty years back, the scenario has changed. Today we have seven IISERs located at Kolkatta, Mohali(Punjab),Bhopal, Thirvananthapuram, Behrampur, Tirupati and Pune, offering integrated BS + MS in biology, chemistry, math, physics, earth science and inter-disciplinary studies. Students who score above 60% in 12 th standard are eligible to join. Details are available on www.iiser-,,,

What many students are not aware is that you can appear for the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) exam when you are in 11 th standard (Stream SA), and again when you are in 12 th standard (Stream SX).

Even students who have taken admission in pure science degree course can appear for Stream SB. This exam entitles the student for continuous scholarship every year as long as he is studying pure science. Details are on www.kvpu.iisc.ernet. This exam also is one of the eligibility for admission to IISERs and IISc’s 4 year B.S. degree program. Thus clearing the KVPY is an assurance that the student is getting admission in a top institution, and he can get down to his Board exam studies without further stress. Students enrolling in IISERs and other institutions get a monthly stipend of Rs. 5,000/- besides other benefits.

By Ali Khwaja


Flexibility – The Mantra For Success

Some of us are very good in Math, some in languages, others in science, and some in creative work. Each of these abilities opens doors for good careers. With globalization and progress of the Indian economy, many traditional careers that did not offer sufficient returns have now become very lucrative. Teachers giving on-line tuition to students abroad are earning more than 10-15 Dollars per hour. Designers are being absorbed in large companies on six figure salaries. Writers are finding very rewarding openings in technical writing, specialized publications, web- based portals etc.

While no one can predict which career will offer higher returns in future, one safe prediction would be to say that the most successful people in this generation are going to be those who develop the flexibility and adaptability to anticipate, accept and adapt to change. With rate of change increasing exponentially, one needs to remove mental blocks and be alert to whatever new is coming on the horizon, and change oneself accordingly.

For example, do you know what is a cyborg? Prof. Kevin Warwick, the first cyber-organic human can control computers through his mind, because he cut his nerves and inserted a micro-chip. Did you believe that humans and computers will get merged into one entity? It has already happened. Now visualize how life will change due to this, and where you will fit into the new ways.

By Ali Khwaja


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