Improving Memory and Concentration


No one has a good or bad memory. It depends entirely on how interested we are and how much effort we are willing to put in. Remember how you remember very old incidents that are very dear to you?

Some tips for developing better memory:

  • Bring down stress levels in general
  • Relax, particularly on occasions when you need to remember important things
  • Survey the topic, familiarize yourself
  • Use the method called SQ3RT i.e. Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review and Test
  • Remove obstructions and barriers to clear reception
  • Check how good is your auditory, visual and sensory intake
  • Do not hesitate to ask, clarify, then roll it in your mind
  • Rationalize the facts and figures
  • Check out how the information can be useful to you in future
  • Make very brief notes of essential points
  • Recall periodically, talk about it to others


Concentration is the ability to train the mind to focus all its attention exclusively on one point. It comes naturally to some people, while others have to work to build them up. Concentration ability can be acquired by any of us.

Simple tips for improving concentration when you study:

  • Try to focus on underlying meaning of what you are about to study – how is it going to help me?/li>
  • The better your listening, the better is your concentration/li>
  • Develop the power of good observation, make mental notes/li>
  • Creative and critical thinking helps – compare, contrast each topic and point/li>
  • Have a good systematic and steady reading habit/li>
  • Start with warming up: browse, jot down points, discuss/li>
  • Thought stopping of something bugging you – psyche yourself to get back/li>
  • List out and allocate timing for other things you have to do so that those thoughts don’t keep bugging you./li>
  • Meditate, or close your eyes, listen attentively to all sounds exclusively/li>
  • Look at objects in room, close eyes, visualize each of them, and then bring your mind to your book, let all other objects disappear from your view, and let your eyes focus only on the book.
  • When your concentration is slipping, close the book, look at the farthest point visible to you, and start staring at one point far away. Focus till everything disappears from view. Then slowly bring your eyes back to focus on your surroundings. This is an ancient technique called Tratak.
  • Divide the portion into smaller manageable bits – take breaks
  • Give yourself incentives and rewards when you concentrate for reasonable time

By Ali Khwaja

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