Future of IT Professionals

Future of IT Professionals

Though the writing on the wall has been fairly clear since the past many years, lately the media has been highlighting the fact that large IT services companies are in the process of laying off employees in significant numbers. Unfortunately the ones most likely to be hit are those who have put in 10 to 20 years service and their employers are finding them too expensive to retain. The other factor is that in the IT sector technology changes are rapid and those who cannot learn new skills are finding themselves outdated.

This should be an eye-opener to those who enter courses and colleges purely looking at ‘campus recruitment’ and starting salaries. It is better to struggle a bit at the beginning of one’s career and then move on smoothly, rather than to start high, build up hopes, and then get stranded mid-career when financial and family responsibilities are much higher.

With the coming of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, many jobs currently in demand are likely to be phased out, as machines will program themselves and human requirements will be restricted to supervisory and high-expertise areas. Added to that is the move of the US government to ensure that jobs remain within their country. Already large IT firms like Infosys have announced that they will be recruiting tens of thousands of employees locally in the USA, which obviously will reduce the demand for Indians.

The scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was demonstrated recently when Google’s computer program AlphaGo beat the world’s top-ranking player in an ancient Chinese Game Go. The significant factor is that this game requires human “intuition” to succeed.

Similarly, campus recruitment is also showing a downtrend (as much as 20% less in some colleges) and is expected to dip significantly in 2018. On the other hand recruitment of product and core companies seems to be better. In the last issue I had mentioned about the rise of Data Sciences as a promising career. Reports have shown that ‘Data Scientist’ was ranked as the No. 1 job in USA for the year 2016.

Digital Society: The new generation is being referred to as Digital Natives. On the other hand elders are Digital Migrants i.e. they came into the digital world after have lived in a non-digital world for the first few years of their life. To understand and manage the new generation, M.Sc. courses in Digital Society have been started by institutions such as IIIT Bangalore at Whitefield (www.iiitb.ac.in) and Central University of Rajasthan. They are open to graduates from any stream. Even IIT-ians

By Ali Khwaja

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