Flexibility – The Mantra For Success

Some of us are very good in Math, some in languages, others in science, and some in creative work. Each of these abilities opens doors for good careers. With globalization and progress of the Indian economy, many traditional careers that did not offer sufficient returns have now become very lucrative. Teachers giving on-line tuition to students abroad are earning more than 10-15 Dollars per hour. Designers are being absorbed in large companies on six figure salaries. Writers are finding very rewarding openings in technical writing, specialized publications, web- based portals etc.

While no one can predict which career will offer higher returns in future, one safe prediction would be to say that the most successful people in this generation are going to be those who develop the flexibility and adaptability to anticipate, accept and adapt to change. With rate of change increasing exponentially, one needs to remove mental blocks and be alert to whatever new is coming on the horizon, and change oneself accordingly.

For example, do you know what is a cyborg? Prof. Kevin Warwick, the first cyber-organic human can control computers through his mind, because he cut his nerves and inserted a micro-chip. Did you believe that humans and computers will get merged into one entity? It has already happened. Now visualize how life will change due to this, and where you will fit into the new ways.

By Ali Khwaja

Career Guidance

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