Emerging Careers

Emerging Careers

“Boom in Biotech Sector”, “Dotcom crash leaves thousands jobless”, “BPO to become a $200 billion industry by 2014”, “Medical Transcription firm folds up leaving hundreds in the lurch”. Each of these news headings can cause tremendous confusion in the minds of budding professionals who are in the process of choosing their careers.

Seventeen year old Ravi said “I think I will finally have to consult an astrologer to find out which career is the most promising.” Others, like Shruti confess “everyone is asking me to play safe and take up PCMB for my PUC and then go on to do engineering. Even though I don’t like engineering, my Dad says that is the only stable career. He says, after my engineering I can move on to anything I want.”

What is the real answer to this dilemma? In a fast changing world, what are the emerging careers that offer challenging opportunities, exciting financial returns, and good growth prospects? It may sound very disappointing, but there are no guaranteed careers, and even astrologers cannot help you. But there is suitable career out there waiting for you, if you choose it for the right reason, and are sure that you not only have the skills required in it, but you will enjoy working in it.

The good news is that there are many careers that are offering lucrative returns and work satisfaction unlike a few years ago (see Box 1). Since one generation ago most of them did not command good salaries, people do not get attracted to them. Now is the time to look into them if any of them interest you.

Careers that have been around, but now offer good remuneration unlike a few years ago:

Teaching (particularly in international schools), journalism, fashion design, veterinary sciences, law, translation (particularly foreign languages), security services, travel & tourism, special education, counseling, rural marketing, technical writing.

At the same time there are many upcoming careers that offer challenges and good returns. Most of them are deeper specializations in fields that already exist. This era is going to be one of specialization, and those who train themselves to offer expertise can look forward to quick rise and handsome salaries. Here are some of them:

Existing Career
Further Specialization
international law
special education, corporate training
franchising, retailing, merchandizing
telemedicine,paramedical sciences
Design & Graphics
computer graphics, CAD, web-page design
digital and multimedia productions
entrepreneurship, MIS, rural management
Agricultural Sciences
floriculture, tissue culture

The other way of getting ahead of competition is to combine two fields and acquire skills in both areas so that one can increase one’s versatility. Some interesting combinations that have already been tried out successfully by young professionals with pioneering spirit are:

MBA + Law

MBA + Chartered Accountancy

Medicine + Management

Medicine + mass communication

Engineering + Law

Engineering + Design/ergonomics/multimedia

Engineering + cost and works accountancy

The above is only a representative list. What is more important is to find out what you are good at and match with your interest and passion. Perhaps the best combination comes out when you can have a fusion of:

Strong aptitude + Keen interest

When taking the plunge into a pioneering or unusual field, do not hold back because there does not appear to be a “scope” in that area, or by the fact that no one else seems to be doing it. In fact, if you are good at your combination of subjects and can go deep by specializing in a specific area of the wider career, you will probably be a pioneer who will be at the top when others realize its potential and try to enter.

The twenty first century has opened new doors. More will open as the years go past. Education will become globalized, the best of Western education will be available in India. Outsourcing now ensures that anyone can work successfully anywhere, and this will even spread to smaller towns as communication facilities improve. The sky is no longer the limit, it depends on how high you are willing to jump. Make a New Year resolution to explore the world, look into all possibilities and probabilities and choose the right career – for the right reason.

By Ali Khwaja

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