Can Humans Survive Without Nature?

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When will we move from HDI to UDI, that is, from Human development Index to Universal Development Index ? It is because rather than nurturing the nature we have started abusing the nature. Rather than treating the nature as Source we have started using her as Resource. Trees are being cut brutally . Animals are being killed inhumanly. Even we are becoming Smarts- smart cities and smart villages . There is a need to redene smart in India.

Every entity has its own place in the universe . Every element of this universe needs to be duly respected. Where have gone the sparrows , butteries and glowworms? What is the rate of plantation of MicroWave towers? Is digital India the resolve to all the problems of India? Which are the considerations for new system designs and conversion? A sparrow is as signicant as a human baby. A tree is as important as a human being. A glow worm is as important as a saint. Tiger, deer and elephants are as important as human creature.

We have stopped realizing that the survival of human beings is directly proportional to the survival of the nature. We are depriving our children of their childhood. The beauties of the childhood are lost in the school curriculum framework. The children are deprived of the games, sports and nature. There is rarely drinking water in the schools. Children carry their own bottles. We the human beings have made our own lives miserable. Most of the problems are deliberately invented by the so called civilized, modern human beings.

What is the resolve? Let us not be over smart. There is a need to develop Universe Development Index considering the life expectancy of every organism, healthy culture of every organism and investment and income on every entity.

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