Some moments captured at the Let Go of Your Past, Manthan camp, 06-08 Jan 12

Ali pats dog
Every camp at Manthan has many memorable moments for the participants. Most such moments are memories that linger on only in their minds. A few, captured as images, are shared here with everybody.
We thank Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, a student of the DPCS-12 course, for sharing these photos with all of us.
Exercises to exorcise the past
Credit: Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
What is Ali telling the dog? The pup seems to say, "Talk to me next!":-)
Ali's affectionate moments with a dog and her pup
Credit: Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
Exercises to come to terms with the past
Credit: Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
Some of the camp participants with Ali
Credit: Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
Ali and Asha
Credit: Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
A few of the camp participants at the open-air auditorium in Manthan
Credit: Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
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