Towards Harmonious Relationships at Workplace

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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Towards Harmonious Relationships at Workplace

The simplest definition of well being and good mental health is “Peace within Yourself, and Harmony with Others.” Each one of us strives towards this goal, but it becomes all the more significant when we assume positions of authority, wherein we are responsible not only for ourselves, but also for our employees.

Building harmonious relationships is a goal for every person who desires to promote himself from being a mere manager, to a true leader. It is an endeavor not for the sake of being charitable to one’s subordinates, but a means to create an overall atmosphere of well being that in turn enhances the quality of life of the leader.

Every employee is an individual first, and his designation later. In this era of higher education and greater awareness, even the lowermost employee has aspirations and ambitions. One of his aspirations is to be treated with respect and dignity. It is not as important “what” orders are given, it is more important “how” they are given.

A primary step in building better relationships is to understand others. Unless one takes the trouble of understanding each individual person, respecting his wants and needs, one cannot expect him to cooperate or perform. Motivation and team spirit has to be earned by the leader, it cannot be demanded.

A few tips to build harmonious relationships and ensure that the whole team works towards a mutual goal:

  • Share power and delegate authority
  • Take blame before you apportion blame
  • Give importance to people, not to the organization
  • “Sell” your decisions, not “tell” them
  • Be unpredictable, spontaneous and lively
  • Motivation is contagious, motivate yourself first
  • Give punishment with love -- punish the act, not the person
  • Behave as an example, you cannot “lead” from behind a desk
Towards Harmonious Relationships at Workplace
As is often said by many successful people:
Managers do things right, leaders do the right things

Leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary vision. Create the vision, share with your team mates, involve them, listen to them, learn from them, and make them work “with” you, not “for” you.

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