“Just A Housewife”

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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Just A Housewife

Even the term housewife has been used since a long time to denote a person who has no value in society. We come across so many women who say "I'm just a housewife." Worse than that is when they say, "No, I don’t work, I'm at home only," as though they relax and sleep the whole day long. Many housewives work much harder than those who go to office, because at home she does all the work from the General Manager to the Assistant and Sweeper. Hence it is nice that Americans at least have spread the name "Home-maker" as a substitute to housewife. If you are a housewife, try and see if you can give yourself an impressive title. Some suggestions:

Dr Ali Khwaja, an ardent student of human behaviour, takes you through understanding the Twenty First Century Housewife.

  • Home Maker
  • Domestic Engineer
  • Director of Home Affairs and Controller of Child Development
  • Commander of the Home Brigade
  • Architect of Souls
  • CEO of Home and Family

How about getting some fancy visiting cards printed with your designation on it?

Sharu Rangnekar wrote a book long ago, entitled "How to Learn Management from your Wife." Very few people appreciated the wisdom of his thoughts, wherein he explained that not even the best of B-Schools can teach the techniques and methodology that the housewife is forced to adopt when she runs the house without the help of an army of assistants, like the manager does in the office. The book is as relevant today as it was thirty years ago.

World famous author and psychotherapist Dr. Wayne Dyer writes in his book ‘Real Magic’ the secret of finding a purpose to life. I feel that every modern housewife has unconsciously imbibed this attitude. He says “Discover the joy and peace of giving, not getting; of contributing, not acquiring; of doing, not competing or winning. Why? Because you can’t really get anything. The message of your life is in what you give.”

Compare this with the high-profile upwardly mobile executives or businessmen who are forever striving to achieve, acquire and expand. Who is on the right track?

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