Careers for Arts Students"

Author: Late Raja Reddy

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Unlike in earlier years, opportunities for Arts students have increased tremendously. Be aware of the choices you have. Here is just a representative list of careers that Arts students can think of. You can add many more:

  • Business management (general) and in specialized areas like Marketing, Finance, HR, Systems, and various other specific specializations like Rural, Plantation, Developmental, NGO, Hospital, Retail Management
  • Sports related careers, including coaching and mentoring
  • Design, including computer graphics, multimedia, animation, web-page design, visual communication, design of interiors, fashion, accessories, jewelry
  • Software testing, technical writing, documentation
  • Civil services like IAS and twenty five other central services
  • Military services – education, logistics, administrative, supplies branches
  • IT enabled services, BPO’s
  • Language training, soft skills training, personality development
  • Travel & Tourism, organizing tours for children and families, adventure related activities for children, heritage tourism
  • Event management, product development, consumer psychology
  • Management of Beauty, Fitness, and natural health programs
  • Foreign languages, translation, documentation
  • Book publishing, mass communication, journalism, media
  • Customer support, brand management, market research, franchising
  • Public relations, corporate communication
  • Facilities management, hospitality, managing hostels and boarding
  • Special education, assessment of children, remedial therapies
  • Counselling, social work, vocational guidance
  • Teaching and training, including corporate training, on-line tutors
  • Human resources management (HRM/HRD)
  • Law, corporate law, intellectual property rights, human

Some of the upcoming fields that are likely to grow in future can be kept in mind:

  • Sensitization, training and management of sexual harassment at work
  • Training in Life Skills, both for children and adults
  • Training and coaching in Emotional Intelligence
  • Remedial training for children with learning difficulties, and on-line tutoring
  • Explore YOUR strengths, your qualities and attributes. Have faith in your own ability to succeed. Acknowledge that every field is growing and there is tremendous potential to gain recognition and make good money too, provided you have selected it because you like it and have the right qualities to be successful in it, and not because everyone else is opting for it. Take your career seriously, you will be in it for more than 40 to 50 years.

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