Appa, the Daughter’s favorite

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Appa, Thandri, Nanna, Thande, Father, Pappa, Dad, Dada, Bapu and may other Names to call the father.

Fathers are generally inexpressive of their feelings be it any relationship; with great difficulty they would tell their wife. Father apparently looks tough by nature, but he does have deep feelings for his family and children. He has his responsibility to support his family to a secure future, he has to earn for them. He is focused on hanging on to his job and get pay packets month after month.

More than two decades the daughter lives with you, and you have missed all her happy moments. Then comes your responsibly of getting her married, society demands “when are you getting your daughter married?” The worm gets into your head and you start looking for the groom knowing that she will not be with you forever.

Father, with all his mixed feelings and emotions of happiness, anxiety, curiosity, nervousness etc, gets promoted as father in law. His all-time happiness has gone to somebody else.

What an irony, when she was yours, you were not with her, you missed all that happiness from her in shaping her future, and now she is not there, you cry for her.

If required any father will lay down his entire wealth or life in the interest of his daughter. If the daughter is happy, father has no bounds for his happiness, and if she is unhappy father will bleed in his eyes… because of his helplessness.

Request to the current day fathers: girl child is a true blessing, never feel unhappy that you are blessed with a boy child, it hardly matters, love the girl child the best you can… Remember she is a limited resource once she is married you have only the memories, and the bundle of pictures to look at with a small face on them. So the girl child is the precious one, care for her.

A Father

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