Answers to Some Questions About the Alumni Authentification Pages

What is the order of listing?

Alphabetical order, by first name.

There are errors in my page. What should I do?

Please do check if in the page authenticating you, your details have been given correctly as in your diploma - your name, your photo (the thumbnail in your page), your registration number and the period of your doing the course.
Do mail Sreedhar if there are any corrections to be made.

Two pics of me, one normal, one a thumbnail - that's some odd idea for authentication?

Well, the thumbnail will be permanent - always that of your photo on the certificate. Guess why we have the space for the other photo?:-).
Hmm, if you don't much like your photo on the diploma and you want a better photo of yours on the website or you want to keep changing your photo (a 'new-look' pic) periodically, please feel free to mail Sreedhar the photo you want up there in your authentication page. Who likes pages with the same pics?:-)

Can I ask you to include any other info in my page?

Since these are authentication pages, we are not giving you the option to edit your page.;-) Though to reduce their work-load, our programmers were telling us that you could be given the facility to edit, even upload your new-look photos directly to your page.
You can mail Sreedhar the details, if you want us to include other information about you - your background, where you work, your website and so on. Also, you can let us know if you would like us to mention on your page here that you can be contacted (through Banjara Academy only) by anybody looking for counsellors or counselling.

How do I give a link to my authentication page?

Noticed the perma-link given separately at the bottom of your page? You can in your email or in your curriculum vitae (CV) or anywhere else, give the perma-link to your authentication page. Clicking on that link or using it in the browser address bar will take anyone to your individual authentication page on the website of Banjara Academy. (Perma-link is web jargon for the link to your separate page; your page often will appear clubbed together with the pages of a few more alumni.)

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