And I Fell in Love Again...

Author: Asma Ansari

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Dear Asma,

I don't need owers or chocolates to tell you how much I adore you. Nor do I need any emoticons to express how I feel or fancy quotes to let you know what I want to say.

I want you to know that I love the gleam in your eyes when you talk about things you love, the way you fumble and stammer when overwhelmed, and the way you awkwardly burst into laughter while attempting your best to stay upset. I admire your courage to be yourself and to refuse trading your authenticity for validation, your willingness to forgive and love even after being hurt, and the grace with which you move on when estranged. I absolutely cherish the ery little rebel within you that surfaces from time to time. And I love the feeling when I believe I've nally gured you out, and you surprise me with something entirely new.

I want you to know that I'm grateful, grateful for everything you've ever done for me. It was your faith and optimism that helped me breathe through all the difculties and survive the darkest days. It was your belief in me that kept me going. Thank you for being there, for being honest, for wiping my tears, for making me endless cups of tea and for reading books to me that soothed my nerves. Every time life seemed like a puzzle, thank you for helping me put back the pieces of that puzzle to create something meaningful.

I want you to know that you matter, a lot more than you think. And on one of those days when you feel invisible I see you. Yes I see you, and when I hear you say, “Nobody cares!” I want you to know I'm that 'nobody', who always loves and cares, no matter what, and will always do.

When you stand in front of the mirror studying your reection, you merely see those deep brown eyes, a close match to the hues of rich soil in those locks of wavy hair and a mole on the cheek, but you're much more than a reection. You're the love you have given, 2 challenges you've overcome, lives you've touched, joy you've brought and much more. Please believe this!

I want you to know that when you look at me from the other side of the mirror and smile, it seems to radiate a warm glow that lls the pit within my heart I never knew existed. And I just know that I'm falling in love yet again, and this time truly, unfeignedly, wholeheartedly. Love, Your 'self'

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