Allow the Mind to Heal the Body

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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Dear wonderful therapists of Vesoma,

After many physio sessions with Ranga, I want to share some simple thoughts with you:

You have chosen to serve in the medical field – to care for human beings who need help at their most vulnerable times – and you have been thoroughly trained in all the practical and clinical aspects of treatment.

It is no doubt a tough job: the responsibility of having human health and well- being in your hands. The patient (client) comes with his fears, anxieties, desperation. He will put his whole trust in you, thinking that you are super-human. At that juncture, will you retain the humility to acknowledge that life and healing are not in your hands?

The human mind is perhaps the last frontier of medical science. But the brain is not the mind. As a person who works with human minds, I focus on emotions, I try to feel what the other person must be feeling. As a person who has had immense exposure to medical and hospital environment, I have also been witness to the tremendous power of the mind over the body. I have seen patients who have “willed” themselves to heal, defying medical logic.

Never under-estimate the power of the mind. Never neglect the significance of human emotions – for it is emotions that drive every action of the human. Never forget that you have been conferred with a very heavy responsibility of human health. Let the overall well-being of the person be your prime motivator. You can come back home with a clear conscience that you did the best in the interest of your client, and you will sleep peacefully!

Use simple communication tools – such as greeting a person by name, giving him a smile (remember that the more you smile, the more you acquire a naturally pleasant face), and some kind words. Inquire about his pain, show consideration when you need to put pressure, and send him off with cheerful reassuring words.

Hearty congratulations on being selected to serve such a significant and humane role in society. Unlike most other professions, you are serving a great cause to humanity. Periodically introspect, renew your respect for the client, and facilitate the individual to heal himself with the power of his mind.

My best wishes and blessings are with you!

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