Agony of Singles

Author: Krishna Kumari M.

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Life is like a train journey. One has to get down when their station comes and others continue their journey till their station comes. During the journey of life, everyone has their own family i.e.; parents, siblings and friends and unknown faces etc while continuing life journey. Some are lucky they make appropriate choices and circumstances are also conducive to them and they shine in life. Some opt to be singles by choice because of their experiences right from childhood. Such people can cope up with challenges of life very well and they are quite independent in their attitudes. Some are singles caught in the net of circumstance, and they may not be that independent. Some become single after losing their partner and children settled in foreign countries.

Some elders can manage to transform their negative emotions, turn them for their benet, but some others cannot even differentiate between negative and positive emotions and some get grounded in negative emotions. For such people the journey of life seems to be tedious. Such people get perturbed even for minor problems, they think only in one direction, they cannot look at the issue from many sides, the result is that they worry unnecessarily and their health gets affected. They imagine about their death, if at all they die suddenly or in their sleep, how any outsider will know about their death and who will do the needful rituals.

When I started looking at the issues expressed by some singles, I started thinking about what could be the best solutions, then it struck me that such people should have master keys for their homes which they can keep with a trustworthy person, they should have good rapport with their neighbours, friends and relatives, so that they are in touch with someone or other as result if at all if their imaginations come true. Secondly, they can get an alarm system installed within their reach so that the message gets passed to the nearest helpline. People are not that harsh as not to extend the help in the hour of need. Paradise on Earth Agony of Singles Certainly help comes in. some way or the other in the hour of the need, so singles can rest assured that they need not get grounded in their fearful imaginations of what will happen to them – and try to develop their hobbies which they could not pursue in their prime life. They should also maintain good health by doing meditation and simple exercises and opt for home medicines to cope up with simple health problems and plan their life to be cheerful till their station comes.

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