Banjara Academy's UNIQUE Online-cum-Classroom Blended Learning Course in Bangalore for learning the skills of Student Counselling

Advanced Certification In Student Counselling (ACSC) Course is NOT Available Now.

The Advanced Certification in Student Counselling (ACSC) course is an online-cum-classroom, short-term course of five months, specially designed for qualifying you as a Certified Student Counsellor, enabling you to work as a School Counsellor if you would like to, or reach out to students on your own as a Student Counsellor. The ACSC course has two, novel parallel tracks:

  • ONLINE: Five months from the date of joining - you can do the online lessons from home or anywhere else.
  • WORKSHOPS: You attend six special workshops of 2 hours duration each - scheduled on Saturdays, 330-530 pm, in June, July 2014, at Banjara Academy, RV Road, South Bangalore. See box above for dates of all the six workshops.

This unique Blended Learning Course will qualify you as a Certified Student Counsellor (also termed School Counsellor). There is a growing demand for student counsellors in schools, especially since the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) made it mandatory for CBSE schools to have counsellors.

What ACSC Alumni Say
The online mode allowed me the time and space to practise certain situations by myself... - Asha
... the classroom sessions in between gave me a lot of knowledge and practical solutions to issues related to children. - Muthulakshmi
I must admit the online learning experience in the ACSC course has been a pleasant one... The classroom sessions were full of knowledge shared by the faculty... - Sameedha
Check out all the opinions in the ACSC Alumni Authentication Pages.

Course Content: The online part of the course consists of 6 modules having 28 lessons in all, covering a wide range of topics dealing with counselling students in schools. Details are given below. Of the given 18 assignments, five are exempted for DCS, DPCS, IGDCS students. The topics for the six workshops/classroom sessions will essentially deal with counselling students in schools and will be announced later.

Course Evaluation: Evaluation is through 13 assignments and review of practical work done with children. A Mentor is allotted to each student to guide him/her through the online counselling course.

Course Certificate: On successful completion of the online counselling course and attending the six workshops, you will be given the Advanced Certification in Student Counselling certificate by Banjara Academy, qualifying you as a Certified Student Counsellor (also called School Counsellor).
Every successful student will be given (as proof of receiving the certificate) an individual Online Authentication Page (or, Digital Certificate) on our website,


How can I reach out?
How can I be an understanding spouse, parent, friend, relative, child, sibling?
How can I be a good counsellor?

Ali Khwaja shares his over 20 years experience as a psychological counsellor in a series of video talks

Dr Ali Khwaja shares insights into human behaviour, relationships and his over 20 years experience as a psychological counsellor in a series of video talks, delivered at the invitation of Seva, Hyderabad and at various camps/workshops of Banjara Academy, Bangalore.

Dr Ali's Video Talks

Banjara Academy-Seva Presentation
Banjara Academy Presentation
To increase accessibility, the video talks have been captioned in English by volunteers of Banjara Academy.

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