Some Feedback on Banjara Academy's Accomplishments and Contribution

I would be delighted to assist your efforts in my personal capacity as well as in my professional capacity.
--- Dr. Mohan Isaac (Visiting Professor, NIMHANS)

I was so impressed when I visited your place and learned about your work that I often quote your example to show what 'one man of good will' can do. Also to show how when one man takes the 'risk' of breaking out of the crowd and reaches out to help people in need, many others rally round. Many 'good people' seem to be waiting for 'catalytic agents' like you to activate them.
--- Dr. Felix Koikara (SDB, Director, Don Bosco Yuva Prachodini)

We are giving the Mentor Of The Year1999 award to a person who has contributed to the development of women. This year, we would like the honour of giving you this award for the tremendous initiative you have shown in mobilizing and motivating women to serve society as volunteers.
--- Chaya Srivatsa (Trustee, Guild of Women Achievers)

With regard to your one year Diploma course in counselling. I am happy that you have taken this bold step. I assure you that PCC will be with you in all your programmes. The topics are well prepared. Any help from my side is always there.
--- M.C. Pankaja (Coordinator, Prasanna Counselling Centre)


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