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Anchal Giridhara_Online_Counselling_Course_MentorI am a graduate from Chattisgarh University and have been an advertising professional for the last 15 years of my career with various leading agencies of the country. Currently, I work with a home appliances company heading their communication department.

I hold a diploma in Counselling Skills from Banajara Academy. I am a confident, friendly people’s person. Enjoy interacting with people from different walks of life. Member of many networking groups nationally and internationally and actively participate in most of their meets..I am into into activities that bring me joy and happiness.

asha_anand Asha Anand a B.E graduate, started and worked as software engineer for 6 years. Took a break to start a family and to enjoy the bliss of motherhood.

From her childhood she was very much intrested in human dynamics, and she loved being with people,interacting with new people and connecting with them.So when she got a chance she did her DCS and CLS from Bajara academey, and since then working for banjara with unconditional help from Raja Reddy and lot of support from Ali Khwaja


Asha S a former banker with twenty years of experience in customer care and projects, she was always interested in human welfare, and hence she qualified herself with a Diploma in Counselling Skills and an Advanced Diploma in Family Counselling. Having acquired her Masters in Applied Psychology from Madras University, she has been constantly upgrading herself through programs in different types of therapy and also Pearson's assessment techniques.

She is a trained assessor for Psycho-social and Educational traits of children and adults, and regularly does assessments as per the requirements of individuals and institutions. She has been interviewed on TV for career guidance.

Currently she is an active professional, family, and child counselor associated with Banjara Academy and other institutions. She is a Coordinator for various Life Skills programs, and she has been regularly conducting training programs and workshops (in English, Kannada and Telugu) on topics as diverse as Stress, Time Management, Study Skills, Parenting, for
Reserve Bank of India, Customs and Excise Department, Defence Institute of Quality Assurance, etc.
Teachers, parents and students of various schools and colleges in Bangalore and other places such as Bellary, Hubli, Bylakuppe, Chennai, etc.
Prestigious NGOs working in diverse fields and requiring inputs for their staff, faculty and counsellors

Above all, she is a very humane and compassionate person, and reaches out genuinely to touch hearts wherever she goes, in her professional and personal capacity.

BhagyaBhagyaI have finished my DCS, which I did after a long gap of about 13 years.Right now I am also into e-mail counseling.Doing DCS was an enriching experience, wherein we are trying to learn to counsel and actually getting ourselves counseled too.When I joined this course,I was in a state where I was very unsure about life, myself and undealt emotions too .It was as though I was having a load ful of backpack,that had unresolved emotions and issues.Now that I have worked my way out of it, with ample lot of help from the course,I am just raring to go.I love to meet people,talking with them,and making friends along the way.I am a foodie,and as well love to cook too. Also, I am a creative person,working with odd worn out materials,to create best out of waste craft.


EshwarEshwar Sundaresan At different points in time, I have described myself as a techie, fulltime writer, freelance journalist, strategic consultant for SMEs, Life Skills trainer, counsellor etc etc. End of the day, every label seems self-limiting. So I have decided to discard all labels and embrace the infinite nature of Life, even as I continue to perform activities linked to the labels above. For instance: I am the author of Bangalored: The Expat Story and Behind the silicon mask, among other works, and I continue to write both fiction and nonfiction. Sometimes, I even ghostwrite on behalf of inspiring people. I counsel as much as I can. I disguise myself as a teacher and pretend to teach Life Skills and counselling skills to classrooms filled with bright people. I end up learning a lot more in the process. I continue to freelance with those media agencies that like my offbeat OP-ED pieces. I believe in preserving the innocence and futures of children. So I am part of an organization named FAiTH which intends to eliminate child sex abuse from our midst.

faridaFarida A friendly and fun loving person, Mom of two youngsters, I tend to mingle well with kids and teens. I am a graduate in Psychology, presently pursuing M.S. in Counseling and Psychotherapy. At present I work as a freelance writer, creating useful content for websites. I first approached helping hand, seeking help to deal with negative changes taking place in my life which had left me emotionally drained. Knowing personally how counseling by Ali and Raja changed my life forever, I got attracted towards this field, which is how I landed in the DCS course in 2000-2001 batch. Since then I have been involved with various counseling activities, in addition to conducting workshops for schools. Reading and writing is my passion, one of the reason why I blog regularly at www.chaptersfrommylife.com. Being a cancer survivor of 16 years, I also work for creating awareness about cancer management, further being part of many breast cancer support groups.


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