Meet Some Volunteers

Ajay Madan

Ajay Madan, Volunteer, Banjara Academy"Am working as an Employee Compensation / Benefit Specialist for a large software company based out of Bangalore. Am passionate about reading non-fiction, travelling, watching movies of all eras. Love to experiment with own self and believe in self-awareness and introspection as the keys to success. Favourite Quote: Life begins at the end of the comfort zone. Favourite Books: Conversations with God-Part I and books written by Osho."

Ajay Madan did the audio recording for the lesson 'Goal setting' in Banjara Academy's online course in psychological counselling skills, the International Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills (IGDCS).

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Aravind N

Aravind N, Volunteer, Banjara AcademyI have done my engineering in Computer Sciences and work in IT sector. I am interested in human behavior. I enjoy music (Hindi, English), dance (salsa), and amateur photography.

Aravind Narayanaswamy did the audio recording for the lesson 'Self-Disclosure' in Banjara Academy's online course in psychological counselling skills, the International Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills (IGDCS). He completed in April 2011, the classroom Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS-2011) course.

His photographs of the DCS-2011 Valedictory Function can be viewed here:

His photographs of Manthan Camp are here and here

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Aruna Morada

VolunteersI love to read and since this was related to a subject I love, enjoyed taping it. My passion is cooking!

Aruna Morada did the audio recording for the lesson in IGDCS: Overview of various therapies.

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Aruna Vinayak

Banjara Academy Volunteer, Counsellor, DCS Alumnus Aruna VinayakI have done the Diploma in Counselling Skills course with Banjara Academy. My interests are reading and interacting with people. I have a Masters Degree in English from University of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad. I am married to an Army Officer since the last seven years and am a mother of two children. I am busy a a home maker and a parent. I have a deep desire to improve the quality of my life and also be of some assistance to humanity in the same pursuit.

Aruna Vinayak did the audio recording for the lesson in IGDCS: Career counselling.

You can read her reports on Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS)-2011 Convocation Report and Spouses Meet at Banjara in Special Banjara Events.

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Ashika Shetty

Volunteers I am a cheerful person and a full-time mother of two lovely kids and lovin it! My fav quote: "The first rays of the sun appear just after the darkest part of the night. Don't lose hope that you can overcome and cope with any situation at hand.

Ashika Shetty did the audio recording for the lesson in IGDCS: Person-centred therapy.

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VolunteersA BBM graduate chose a different field an is now a singer, dancer, choreographer. He has been passionately working with chldren for the past 15 years. He is a disciple of Natonal Award winning composer – Kaveri Sreedhar He has performed on TV, Radio and various stage shows including Hampi Utsav, Mysore Dusshera, Vision of Inda with Dr. Balamurali Krishna, L Subramaniam, Kavita Krishnamoorthy, Pankaj Udhas etc. He did his DCS from Banjara Academy in 2010 and is a certified counsellor specializing in Child Counselling. He is also working for Times of India's NIE program where he has conducted workshops for nearly 200 schools. He accompanies Dr. Ali Khwaja for conducting workshops in schools and colleges. At Banjara he also conducts regular summer camps for children.

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Dolly Dinesh

VolunteersVery humanistic in nature. I believe in living and letting others be! Like reading non-fiction, drinking tea and talking to friends! My philosophy is "Everyone is free to live in their space, provided they do not step on others toes, or elbow someone who does not agree with them."

Dolly Dinesh did the audio recording for the lesson in IGDCS: Body Language and Empathy.

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VolunteersHe graduated from Christ University in the year 2010 in journalism. He is presently with Times of India's NIE program. He is associated with Banjara in conducting Summer Camps, Camps at Manthan and other workshops.

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FREE Online Psychological Counselling by Banjara Academy for anyone, anywhere in the world FREE online counselling for the depressed

  • Are you stressed about your child?
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  • Do you feel overwhelmed by anxiety and fear?

Just mail your counsellor now, sharing your problems, your worries, your anxieties, your fears. Your counsellor will reply to you, and be there for you until you need her to help you cope and get going.

Sreedhar, Director of Online Courses and Online Counselling by email of Banjara AcademyLeading Banjara Academy's online email counselling team of volunteer-counsellors, I realize it is not an easy task reaching out to a person one has never met, never seen, without the added advantage of gestures, eye contact, a gentle reassuring touch, tone of voice and yet providing empathy, positive strokes, making the person feel heard and understood.

With the aid of only written words, it is quite a task building trust, making people open up and share and helping them cope and feel better. So when in many instances they write back saying thank you and that they feel so much better, the feeling one gets is priceless and incomparable - knowing one has done something right, something good!

Hats off to all the volunteeer-counsellors of Banjara Academy who have been carrying on this work silently, anonymously for the last couple of years. Truly commendable! - Sreedhar MA

Meet Some Volunteers

You make the world a better place!

Awaken the good within - we are sure that in most of you it is already awake. Smile

We believe that at any point of time the good that happens in the world exceeds the bad - be it in the past, the present or the future.

At this very moment, there are countless people around us and all over the world who are doing things that make the world a better place - we assert that they hugely outnumber those who seem to be busy making life worse.

How can we say that?

Here, in our tiny little world called Banjara Academy, we never cease to wonder at the inherent good in each and every one of you who has walked through the doors of Banjara Academy. Innumerable acts of kindness, generosity, unselfishness abound here - most of them go unrecorded, unacknowledged.

So much has been contributed by each one of you in various ways with no expectations of rewards of any kind - forget money, not even praise is sought. The good reputation of Banjara Academy today in improving quality of life and making the world a better place is but the synergistic result of all such contributions - the sum of them all as a whole is much much greater than the sum of the individual contributions.

Here in these pages, we are taking a small step towards acknowledging some of your contributions - your time, your talent, your energy for various activities connected with Banjara Academy. We are aware that many of you do not seek even this acknowledgement. It's amazing how many prefer to remain anonymous, unacknowledged though what they are doing makes a fantastic difference to society and the lives of many.

We are requesting each of you to send us a picture, and a few lines about yourselves - not because you are seeking glory or we are promising you fame. We hope the little that is featured about each of you will make others feel good about life, society, their fellow human beings and also inspire them to do similar good work. No, the work need not be for Banjara Academy. Wherever you are, awaken the good within, reach out, touch lives and do something to make the world a better place.

Let's get going doing good - simply asserting that it is a trait inherent in all of us. And, leave it to sociologists, psychologists, evolutionary biologists and others to do all the studies and the research which will prove us right!

Please note that this is a beginning we are making in acknowledging good work done for us. Most of you may not be here - it does not imply we are ignoring you or highlighting only a few. We have just begun the process of contacting people and requesting them for photos and a brief bio. If you do know those whose work for Banjara Academy has not been acknowledged in these pages, do write to us about it so that we can add the information here.

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