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Deccan Herald

For those students who’ve written their exams and are anxious if they’ll make the grade, Ali Khwaja provides some food for thought. (14 Apr 2011).

Dr. Ali Khwaja asks Teachers to take a break. (31 Mar 2011).

Dr. Ali Khwaja asks students to, "Team up to breeze through the exams". (03 Mar 2011).

Children who suffer from learning difficulties also have emotional difficulties and should be dealt with very carefully, writes Dr. Ali Khwaja. (30 Dec 2010).

Dr. Ali Khwaja offers a quick guide to under-graduate admissions for Standard 10 students. (09 Dec 2010).

CAT is out of the bag. What next? asks Dr. Ali Khwaja. (18 Nov 2010).

Dr Ali Khwaja hands out important tips on how to prepare for CET counselling and choose the right career.

Dr. Ali Khwaja advising students who are looking beyond Board Exams.

Dr. Ali Khwaja answers the question, "After Class 12, what next?"

Dr Ali Khwaja tells you how to make a smooth transition from school to college and then, to a career of your choice

Dr Ali Khwaja lists the skills you need to possess if you opt to pursue a course in engineering

Dr. Ali commenting in Deccan Herald on the MCI's decision to have a common entrance test.

Dr. Ali Khwaja on vital tips on choosing courses, preparation for careers and an exhaustive list of career options for the students of today.

A report in Deccan Herald on Dr.Ali addressing students. Ali talks of knowing your passion to know your career.

The Hindu

A report in The Hindu of the Special Educator's event:
A report in The Hindu of the event at Dayanand Sagar College:

Times of India
An article in the Times of India:

The Telegraph

Ali Khwaja on anger in chidlren.


Dr. Ali Khwaja giving career advice in Deccan Herald for studies in India

Deccan Herald

Dr. Ali giving career advice to students mentioning that Engineers make good managers. (21 Apr 2011).

Dr. Ali Khwaja asvises students to "Set long-term career goals" when choosing a career path. (10 Mar 2011).

Dr. Ali giving career advice to students asking then choose your studies based on your likes.(17 Feb 2011)

Dr Ali asks students to "Find your interest and follow it".(27 Jan 2011).

Dr. Ali giving career advice to students says Mock tests hold the key to success.(06 Jan 2011).

. Dr. Ali says it is important to, "Match interest to aptitude". (16 Dec 2010).

"Where to study and why" is answered by Dr. Ali Khwaja. (25 Nov 2010).

Dr. Ali Khwaja says, "Just follow your dreams". (04 Nov 2010).

Dr. Ali Khwaja answers the question, "After PUC, what next?"

Dr. Ali giving career advice to students asks them to "Be positive and plan your goals"

Dr. Ali giving career advice to students questioning "Higher Studies or Work experience?".


Raja Reddy giving career advice in Deccan Herald for studies overseas

Raja Reddy giving career advice to students mentioning that work experience can be advantageous. (07 Apr 2011).

Raja Reddy asks students to "Be your own judge" when choosing career path. (17 Mar 2011).

Raja Reddy says studying dentistry in the US is no easy task. (Feb 2011).

Raja Reddy advises students to "Be sure of what you want to specialise in". (03 Feb 2011).

Raja Reddy giving advises to "Keep the expenses in mind".(13 Jan 2011).

Raja Reddy says, "Degree first, job next". (23 Dec 2010).

Raja Reddy look at how to get finanacial aid. (Dec 2010).

Specialize for Career growth, says Raja Reddy. (Nov 2010). br />http://www.deccanherald.com/content/111574/specialise-career-growth.html

Raja Reddy asks students to align aptitude with career goals.

Mention on other websites and blogs

Report of Ali's Talk on Parenting at Indian Institure of Science on a blog.

Report of Ali's Talk on Parenting on a blog.

Dr Ali Rediff.com - on How children spend in different cities in India.


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