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Dr. Ali Khwaja's love and compassion for his fellow beings was the driving force behind the setting up of the Banjara Academy. The term Academy actually represents only one aspect of the organization's activities - conduct of courses. Apart from offering courses the Banjara Academy has been providing free counselling for years to individuals who feel the need for it. The Academy has made a difference to many lives and the experience has often been humbling.

Dr. Ali Khwaja was conducting training in human behaviour and counselling for years before he founded the Banjara Academy in the year 1993. In 1997 the Banjara Academy received a boost when the philanthropic couple, Raja and Nalini Reddy, decided to dedicate themselves to this mission. They have also provided a portion of their building to house a training-cum-free counselling centre.

"Helping Hand", an NGO (non-governmental organization) was started in the 1983 by Ms. Alice Saldanha.  After running it successfully for many years Ms Alice Saldanha, handed "Helping Hand" over to Dr. Ali Khwaja, and ever since "Helping Hand" has become an integral part of the Banjara Academy.

Initially the Banjara Academy was providing short-term courses and free training to the volunteers of Helping Hand. Subsequently, in the year 1999, Banjara Academy launched a comprehensive part-time Diploma in Counselling Skills. This course has been well-received and currently the eleventh batch is in progress. The faculty has grown over the years and now many experts and dedicated counsellors have joined the Academy.

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