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Kini, Helping Hand volunteerIf you go to the Ramaiah Helping Hand desk at 9 and find a volunteer meticulously starting his day and ready to receive patients with care and responsibility… You can be rest assured it is our own Mr.Kini. Many doctors and staff correct their time in their watches with his presence. A very unassuming person with an aura about himself which displays responsibility, sincerity, care, timeliness and genuine concern for the needy patients who enter Ramaiah Hospital in pain and suffering

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Ramaswamy Natampally

Ramaswamy, Helping Hand volunteer A name that needs no introduction in Banjara. The concept of 24/7 in the business world came much later, the earnestness of Ramaswamy to help 24/7 is amazing, since he is literally available at any time for anyone in need. His services to humanity extend to Kidwai, Nimhans, Baptist, Ramaiah and many other hospitals. He is ever ready to lend an ear or a hand to anyone who seeks his help. He is a great lover of retro music and in all his busy schedule takes out time to live life to the fullest. Yes, he can shake a leg and tap his feet to most of the peppy retro songs.

He has done his Diploma in Counselling Skills Course from Banjara Academy.

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Anusuya Shirali

Anusuya Shirali, Helping Hand volunteerOne of the finest and senior volunteers, she is known for her relentless social service for nearly two decades. Always dressed immaculately and with full energy and interest, Anasuya specializes in Pain Trauma Therapy for Terminal cancer patients. A popular quote says “It is simple to be happy… but it is difficult to be simple” She is a simple as well as a happy person. Ready with quick, simple and very earthy solutions Anasuya can make anyone feel like a winner. She volunteers at Ramaiah and Kidwai hospitals.

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Maitra, Helping Hand volunteerA former senior banker, is now the charisma and the coordinator of our Helping Hand volunteers at St. John’s Hospital. He is very prompt with any tasks given to him. Maitra is a very realistic person and has years of experience and learning to back his judgments. Has been working through the week since many years “Age is a matter of mind. If you don’t mind it does not matter” His zeal, zest and enthusiasm are examples good enough to prove the above saying right. Mr. Maitra is in social service for nearly two decades.

He has done his Diploma in Counselling Skills Course from Banjara Academy.

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Kalavathi Om Prakash

Kala, Helping Hand volunteerFondly known as “BUS Kala”, for having arranged the transport facilities for the Helping Hand Annual day. She is a warm, sorted and a balanced person who faces eventualities with grit and can give issues and problems a run for money. Kala counsels at the RT nagar center and is very regular with her work. She visits government schools to help children out with the pressures they experience.

She has done her Diploma in Counselling Skills Course from Banjara Academy. Her online authentication page is here

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