Aab's Musings-31 -"Who are you?"

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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People who meet Aab for the rst time ask, "Who are you?" Aab smiles. At times he remains silent knowing that the questioner is more interested in forming his own opinion rather than getting an answer from Aab. At other times Aab looks at the questioner and decides what answer would please or satisfy him.

There is a proverb that six blind men touched an elephant at six different places and gave their varied descriptions of what an elephantlookslike. Aabcloses his eyes and thinks of all the blind people whose eyesight is perfect – for they don't even want to touch a human being before forming an opinion about that person.

People who have been seeing or meeting Aab for a long time ask "Who are you?" Aab smiles again. Heknowsthattheyareonlylookingto see if he will conrm what opinion they have already formed long ago about him. He usuallyobligesthem. Heknowsthatitmakes them happy that they know more about him than he knows about himself.

Aab has never asked himself the question "Who am I?" He knows he will never get an answer to such a question. For Aab is not Aab. He is you and me. He has no existence of his own. He lives in people's heartbeats. His existence is only from one heartbeat to another.


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