Aab's Musings-15 -What is loneliness?

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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Aab knows what loneliness is. He has not only experienced it, he has seen it written in bold capital letters on people’s faces – people who laugh, dress up well, mix freely, and communicate with ease. Because when he looks at faces, he does not stop at the surface. His eyes go deeper into the mind, and there he sees a completely different picture. Aab knows that people are like the theatre stage. Under the bright spotlights, with full make-up and rehearsed lines, there is glamour, attraction, thrills and laughter. Look just a little behind the edge of the stage – and there is the ugly side of unkempt faces and irregular material, coupled with minds that show anxiety and maybe even frustration. Yet, it is these minds that make the show entertaining for others. So are the lonely people. They are the ones who make life better for others to enjoy the show called life. But then, Aab is disturbed that anyone in this world should actually be lonely. There are people suffering from Living Together Loneliness, having relatives, family and friends all around them, but mentally cut-off. There are those who are more lonely in crowds than they are when they are alone. Great spiritual leaders talk about overcoming loneliness. They show the path to merger with the Creator, thus surrendering your very being and becoming one with the Universe. Aab is a very small, ordinary and un-enlightened person. He can feel one with a stray dog, with a row of ants, with a paper boat flowing with rain water -- but not beyond that. The funny thing is that these very beings, according to Aab, can take away loneliness. But some of us doggedly hang on to our individuality, isolating ourselves from so many wonderful things around us. He wants to help them. Some listen to him, some don’t. Some listen and forget; some do change and enjoy their newfound warmth

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