A Visit to a Village

Author: Ramaswamy N

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24th Sunday morning got up, packed a little and drove about 60 kms., towards Ramanagara. Good sunshine with cold winds were inviting. As we were nearing Ramanagara, the ‘Stone hills’ around us reminded of Gabbar Singh, Are o’ Samba, Kaalia & Basanthi dialogues and songs echoed, as “Sholay” film was shot in one of those hills.

Galamma is a poor woman from a village near Ramanagara, lives with her son Venkappa (20yrs). She works as a coolie in the fields, after her husband died due to a fall from the coconut tree.

About a few years ago, the boy Venkappa used to pass urine 10 to 12 times in the night and get totally tired. Galamma got very much worried about her son, tried at two hospitals and finally was suggested to St. John hospital. We ran to St. John’s hospital, where the Doctor prescribed a “Nasal Drop” which stopped the problem. Boy was told to take it for ever and he uses it regularly.

Yesterday, we visited her village and spent an hour with them at her place. They have become our good friends, as we support his medicine every 20 days. Galamma was very happy for we could answer her long pending invitation. Sunday was spent around Greenery and Fresh air.

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