A relook at the meanings of some words

Author: Raju Thomas

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There are some words which can be thought of as having slightly different interpretations than the usual dictionary meanings. I have come across a few of them, for which I would like to give the definitions as given below.

  • Intuition : The revelation one experiences from an “ Inner Tuition “ , i.e. by talking to oneself and drawing on the wisdom residing within oneself.
  • Insight : Looking inwards with an “ Inner Sight “, and getting the true answers to any problem, similar to intuition.
  • Realize : To see with “ Real Eyes “ and perceive through inner vision the true realities one faces in life.
  • Responsibility : The “ Ability to Respond “ in a positive manner, considering all (conflicting?) aspects in any situation.
  • Forgiving : A reminder that life is “ For Giving “, and not only for getting (from others).
  • Attention : A frame of mind, with an open, receptive and listening attitude, without “ A tension “ ; attention comes when tension goes.
  • Gratitude : Being thankful for everything in life, a “ Great Attitude “.
  • Independent : “ Inner dependence “ or being self dependent and confident.
  • Encourage : To instill or “ Enable Courage “ to others to do what they love to do, and not what you want them to do.
  • Impossible : Nothing is impossible, it’s just “I’m possible “ ; I can do anything that I truly believe in.
  • Team Spirit : A change from “ I “ to “ We “ , which can even change “Illness” to “Wellness”, and apathy to empathy ; a healing power of team spirit.
  • Individuality : Not just an indivisible entity of self, but an “ Indivi(sible) duality” of oneself ; an inner world and an outer world, a finite being connected to an infinite power source ( with faith acting as the power cord).


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