Author: Clifford Martis

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Sometimes we come across people who may not be beautiful or handsome but they make very nice impression on us. We find that it is a great pleasure talking to them and interacting with them. There is some attraction, some magnetism, and some charisma about such persons. Such a quality to attract others and make them happy is charm but we do not know exactly what charm is made up of.

Usually men and women exude charm by their winsome smile or laughter or friendly behavior. Another thing which makes people charming is the way they talk taking genuine interest in the other persons with whom they are mixing. Graceful gestures and eye movements also contribute to the charisma of the charming persons. An element of humour also may be involved. In this way we see that charm is not mere outer looks but it also has something to do with the inner personality of the person. We say beauty is skin deep. But charm is much deeper than beauty.

Charming people have the ability and desire to be genuinely interested in other people. We can see the difference between a beautiful person and charming person. A beautiful woman is like a beautiful flower but without any fragrance. A charming person may or may not be beautiful. But that person is full of the fragrance of. If there is a person who is both good looking and also charming then such a person would be an ideal personality.

We can think of charming persons whom we might have come across in offices and social circles. When we go to a party we may find one person taking interest in the other guests and talking to them in a sweet manner. It appears that he is helping the guests to be comfortable.

Charm is not something possessed only by women. Nor is it noticed only in young persons. Any person, young and old, male or female can be charming if that person has a nice smile and talks to people in a winsome way. Even a grandmother or grandfather can be charming. I am sure readers have noticed grandparents who are charming. We can find charm even in ordinary workers and in particular in some maid servants.

Once we went to a public library. A lady came forward and introduced herself as the Assistant Librarian. She offered to help us. She was not a great beauty but she spoke so nicely and so sweetly. She told us her name on her own – Suhasini. She listened to us intently, her eyes showing deep interest in what we were looking forward to from the library. She laughed heartily when we told her that we wanted to do some research on cockroaches. We felt an instant liking and admiration for Ms Suhasini.

I live in a senior citizen’s home. We have a young lady who takes care of visitors and others who are in need of various things. She is not called ‘Receptionist’ but she does all kinds of work and helps people. Far better than an ordinary receptionist. She helps people even without a request from them. The young lady is from Odisha but she has learned the local languages and is ever willing to help every single person coming to the Home. She talks and smiles in such a winsome way that everybody knows her and admires her. An excellent example of charm! She is not the prettiest girl in the HOME but her inner beauty and vivaciousness give her a charming appearance. I am not mentioning her name here because everybody knows her name. Readers who have visited the HOME are sure to say, “Ah, yes. I know”

In our office there is a boy who brings tea. His name is Babu. There is not much to be said about his looks but the fellow is full of life. He always greets you with a fantastic smile. The tea that he brings is not so tasty but we drink it more for Babu’s sake than for the taste of the tea. In fact Babu does not give up if you say you don’t want tea and give some reason. He will talk to you in such a manner that you feel compelled to take the tea.

Can we find charming people among priests, nuns and other religious persons? Why not? In fact we like religious persons who interact with us in a charming way. We find it easy to talk to such persons about religious matters which may be bothering us.

We may not be able to do much about our looks. But we can certainly try and develop charm. We can try to improve the way we talk and behave with others. A person who wants to develop a charming personality can learn to smile, laugh and be graceful. Above all he can learn to take genuine interest in other people when he meets them either in groups or singly.

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