A Challenge to Eternity!

Author: Raju Thomas

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Who am I ? Where do I come from ?
An enigma pondered over by many a soul
Coming from nowhere , going nowhere
Nothing and no one dares to stop my unstoppable journey.


Life an attribute of everything
That which takes a birth
Must one day meet its end
Even this very Universe of ours
But not me , I am immortal
I have no beginning and no end.


I just go on and on forever
Passing through all things , animate and inanimate
Like they were just vacuous nothingness
But my unmistakable , indelible imprint on them I leave behind.


A resource most valuable am I
For whom realization strikes
About my versatile qualities
With equanimous impartiality
I offer myself to one and all in equal measures
To use it wisely , or loose it forever.


Though many a mortal soul
Expending their efforts studying me
And written volumes about managing me
Yet I remain the same , unaffected by all their elaborate theories.


My journey progresses at my own pace
Fast or slow my apparent motion appear on human minds
Battling with so many emotional upheavals
Untold pain and suffering I can bring on
Or joy , health and happiness
Depending on how I am used.


So who am I ?
I am that indestructible entity
The Lord of all , the Almighty TIME , aka ETERNITY.


But wait , do I hear something ?
A meek voice challenging me
Coming from the outer fringes of my borderless expanse
Be not so proud , Oh , Eternity , it says
Though I am not so independent as you
For I am dependent on human beings for survival.


Actually like a shell am I
Made up of WORDS , mostly written , layers and layers of them
Encapsulating thoughts , ideas and memories
Of people who ever have lived
And I will continue to live forever
As long as people and their thoughts survive on this planet of ours.


As fresh ideas and thoughts crystallizing as memories
Taking shape , layer upon layer , on this body of mine
Yes , I am also indestructible like you
Though I concede my humble nature
Needing mortal beings to give me my life
I too can proudly hold my head aloft
Happy with my efforts , enriching the lives of so many.


I , the TIME , do acknowledge your precious gifts
You , the WORDS , full of thoughts and memories
You are indeed the voice of mankind
And will forever remain , giving me company.

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