DCS Testimonials:

Asma Ansari

B.Tech ECE, Freelance writer and translator

The Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy has been a roller coaster ride, where I confronted my blind spots, challenged my apprehensions and beliefs, accepted myself wholeheartedly and began to trust my path and journey. I learnt I can become what I choose to. I learnt how to be and let be. I am forever grateful to my faculty, mentors, batch mates and counselors who have enriched my life. DCS has been the North Star for me and would continue to be, always walking along and subtly pointing me towards the path I wish to tread.

Manisha B. Chhapwale

B.Com and P.G. Diploma in Finance, Asst. Manager MIS at Ashapura Group of Industries

I feel blessed for having been given an opportunity to attend the Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy. My biggest takeaway was the development of a non-judgmental attitude. This course has helped me overcome my inhibitions and helped me appreciate the struggles and strengths of others. And our mentor Ali is one of the few people we can idolize due to his simplicity and modesty - qualities that I would always strive towards for the rest of my life.

Santosh Rao

B.Com., Founder Itjobzone.

The Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy has helped me inculcate the habit of uninterrupted listening, understanding the perspective of the speaker and taking my time to make any comments whatsoever.. Institutional visits has helped me realize that we have so much to be thankful for. Looking at the spectra of issues people deal with day in and day out, has made me acknowledge our lives as a gift from god. This has helped me not only in counseling but in my every - day life and relationships too.

Padmaja Harish

B.Sc., Head Mistress at Nehru Centenary

The Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy has helped me regain my confidence, overcome my struggles and has truly changed my perspective. The program has helped me develop the art of listening to others and catching their emotions. It has taught me skills that I would use, not just professionally, but also personally. I would like to thank the entire team of Banjara for changing my attitude and approach towards others. I now look forward to a long life of happiness!.

Rakesh Kumar Vaidya

B.A, Working in IAF

The Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy delivered beyond my expectations. The program goes past counseling and gives one the opportunity to develop oneself. I am now a changed person from when I began this course. Dr. Ali’s book were truly instrumental in this change. Additionally, the articles and video lectures on the Banjara website give one a bounty of knowledge. All in all, these are skills that were learnt not just for counseling, but for my life.

Prathibha N R

B.A (Psychology), Marketing Manager at Production 139

The Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy was like going back to school. Lots of friends, teachings, assignments, reviews, class parties and lunches! The experience was so enjoyable and interesting, that I never wanted to miss a single class. But, most importantly, this program has built in me the courage to deal with struggles and loss and that is my biggest takeaway in life.

Serene Sarah George

C.A Inter, Assistant Manager Finance at AIR-ASIA

The Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy has been a course of self-help in terms of understanding and accepting myself better. It has paved way for in depth self-introspection and greater acceptance of my dear ones as well. To an extent that I am able to truly accept the value systems and views of other individuals without making any judgments. I have now become a process oriented person rather than a result oriented person. The entire experience has helped me get in touch with my emotions, sensitized me to the varied life circumstances of others and has, most importantly, taught me to practice gratitude.

Mukesh Madhavan

M.Sc IT, Sr. Developer Target corporation India

The Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy was a true eye – opener for me and has me helped me see the value in empowering people. The various nuances of counseling are taught with complete transparency. This has helped me gain more clarity and become non-directive in my approach. Meeting so many wonderful people has also helped me network better. Overall, I have got the best of this and more than what was expected.

Srinidhi H K

M.C.A., HOD Of Computers at Nagarjuna PU College

The Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy has given imbibed in me skills that have truly helped me in so many arenas of life. Professionally, I am able to connect so much better with the people I work with, specifically children who are differently abled. Apart from that, I am able to deal with my interpersonal relationships in a much better fashion. I see myself as a calmer person even in times of crises situations, thanks to the program.

Seema Nair

M.Sc in Communication, Program Officer of development and human rights

The Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy was the beginning of the process of self awareness. The course experience has been pretty good for me in more ways than just counseling experience. Being an journalist, I would earlier ask questions for the sake of curiosity, but now it is a conscious and a deliberate skill used to understand an individual. I has instilled in me a level of discipline and internalized my commitment to the importance of counselling in our society.

Anand Kumar Singh

BBM in Finance, Assistant Manager Operations at ATOM

The Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy teaches you the true difference between sympathy and empathy and helps you practice the latter skill. As someone who practices Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), I have realized that the focus is generally only on the physical and mental aspects of the individual, ignoring the emotional aspect. The course has taught me the importance of dealing with emotions and the value of counseling, which are aspects that I plan to incorporate in the field of MMA.

Girish R J

Masters in IT, Project Manager HCL

The Diploma in Counseling Skills (DCS) at Banjara Academy has created in me a belief, that to be mindful, it is important to be in ‘Peace with self and harmony with others’. There has been great progress in my interpersonal and intrapersonal skills with an increase in self-awareness. I have also become a lot more receptive and understanding to the perspective of others. The non-directive approach taught here has helped me realize that every person is capable of making their decisions and bettering their lives – all with a little mirroring and usage of skillsets by the counselors.