Privacy Policy

We, at Banjara Academy, strongly believe in your privacy rights as an individual and practise all that belief entails to respect and uphold your privacy. We send mails primarily to our students, alumni and volunteers. Most of our mails are brief, only in text form (no html, no pictures, no attachments - as a rule). The mails have links to free booklets, videos and articles on improving yourself, understanding others and having a better quality of life. Or, to put it more impressively - most of our mails contain a few lines of text and simple text links to stuff related to psychology, counselling, relationships, behaviour. A few mails have information about some of our activities - talks, workshops, programmes - that may be of interest to you. From time to time some of our students, alumni, and others, share with us email ids of friends, relatives or colleagues who they say could be interested in receiving our mails sharing thoughts and videos on various aspects of human behaviour and how to be happier, better persons. We send occasional mails to such email ids that have been shared with us. We do not share your email id with any other individual or organization. Nor do we mail you on behalf of others. We do not collect, track, store, analyze and use any other kind of data for any purposes whatsoever about you or your visit to our website. If you have received any mail from Banjara Academy and you do not want to be in our mailing list, all you have to do is click on the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of the mail. You will get an automatic mail requesting you to confirm that you are unsubscribing. Your confirmation will ensure that your email id is preserved in our records to ensure that you will not get another mail from us, even if your email id is shared with us by somebody else by mistake. Once you unsubscribe, you will not receive any mail from us, unless you write to us requesting for inclusion in our list again. If you find the Unsubscribe link missing, please reply to the mail asking to be removed from our list.We have volunteers, human beings, attending to your mails. They will ensure that your wish is immediately respected. There are no automated systems to which the buck will be passed when mistakes are made! If you have received the email at your work id but would like us to send the mail to a personal id, please do write to us.