Job Posting Date: 22 May 2012

Wanted Counsellors (Volunteer-Coordinator) - Medico-Pastoral Association, Bengaluru

Medico-Pastoral Association Requires Volunteer-Coordinator for Suicide Prevention Helpline

Medico-Pastoral Association needs a Coordinator for the SAHAI Suicide Prevention Helpline. The person must have the passion and commitment to help in saving lives.

Desirable: Trained in Counseling, with skills in handling the Helpline.

Responsibilities: Internal coordination – Liaison with the SAHAI volunteers and the Clinical Manager; prepare roster for current volunteers and identify new volunteers; arrange Volunteers Training Programme; and prepare budget; Facilitate external coordination - plan and implement innovative awareness programmes for various target groups; identify sponsors for the Helpline to meet financial needs and human resource needs.

The above tasks require at least two visits to the Association in a week. Monthly honorarium will be given for the services rendered; actual cost of travel undertaken in performing the duties will be reimbursed.

Contact Dr. Gladys Sumithra, Secretary, Medico-Pastoral Association
Ph: 080-25477375 / 25492934, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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